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Unlimited and limited governments are different in that the leaders have different amounts of control. First, an unlimited government has no constitution. A constitution is the rule book for a country’s government, stating the laws, rights, responsibilities, and how a government runs. Without it their would be no laws written down and the leaders wouldn't run the country correctly. A limited government on the other hand has a constitution. Next, a limited government has separation of power. This divides power among several branches. In an unlimited government such as an oligarchy the few leaders have too much power and take advantage and abuse it, this happens because there is not this rule. Also, an unlimited government has no consent of the governed. This means citizens give their permission to be governed, citizens do this by voting. Without voting the people don't get to voice their opinion and make decisions. Unlimited government often don't let citizens vote, such as in a dictatorship. In a limited government it has this limit. In a limited government there is the rule of law. The rule of law means that laws are enforced, fair, and nobody is above the law. There's a limit on this law by having it apply to everyone and even the leader has to follow it. In a dictatorship the leader often doesn't follow the law. This makes citizens feel safer that the government can just do what they want. In an unlimited government there would be no rights of the minority. Meaning that small and unpopular groups rights wouldn't be protected. By limiting the power of the majority and making sure everyone is treated fairly, these group’s rights are protected. Leader can do different things in limited governments then in unlimited governments. The leader consider citizens thoughts and when making decisions they think about what would be the best for the people. In conclusion, a limited government is much better for the majority and many reasons.

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