Special Olympics North America Move Challenge MARCH 15, 2021 - MAY 9, 2021

Report your weekly minutes and see the leaderboards for the Special Olympics North America (SONA) Move Challenge!

SONA Move Challenge Details

WHAT: Special Olympics North America presents the SONA Move Challenge, an 8-week movement challenge to see how many minutes of exercise participants can complete each week.

WHO: Participants will have the choice of competing as an Individual (Special Olympics athletes only), Doubles (traditional or Unified), or as part of a Team (traditional or Unified, 3-10 people total). Unified teams must be at least 25% athletes and 25% Unified partners.

WHEN: Participant registration opens February 15 and closes March 14. The SONA Move Challenge runs March 15 – May 9, 2021.

HOW: After registering, participants keep track of how many minutes they exercise (Monday-Sunday). Every Monday, participants will self-report their minutes via a SmartSheet survey, earning them a coveted spot on Region-wide leaderboards for the different participant groups (Athlete leaderboard, Doubles leaderboard, Teams leaderboard).

Get active during the SONA Move Challenge!

Step 1: Pick how you want to exercise!

How you exercise is completely up to you! Everything from dancing and running to doing yoga and lifting weights counts!

All of your exercise needs to be intentional exercise: you can't count minutes stacking boxes at work, but you can count taking your dog for a walk.

The CDC recommends that children ages 6-17 get 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity each day and that adults get 150 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity each week.

Step 2: Keep track of your minutes and report them each Monday!

Step 3: Share how you're exercising on social media using #SONAMove!


Move intentionally! How you get your movement minutes is up to you, but only count minutes where you are intentionally moving for exercise! A walk around the block after dinner counts, but walking around at your job doesn't.

Be Honest! Please provide an honest and accurate account when recording your results.

Be Safe! As you are being active, make sure you follow local COVID-19 protocols and Special Olympics protocols when exercising both inside and outside if around other people. This includes wearing masks and making sure you are exercising where you can be safe from traffic.

Be Social! As you complete activities, please post pictures on social media. Use the hashtag #SONAMove.

Be Encouraging! As people post their activities, pictures, and progress, encourage your fellow challenge members.

Be Brave in the Attempt! Challenge yourself!

Participant Activation Toolkit

If you're getting active for the SONA Move Challenge, make sure to share on social media!

Use #SONAMove on social media so you can connect with other people who are joining the Challenge.

Exercise Videos

Need a little help deciding how you want to exercise? Try some of these options!