We LOVE Ingonish
Family Hike - Middle Head
Come along now!
Romantic stroll with the children
I'm gonna hit you!
Beach fires are awesome
We're much better looking than that Mother Canada Statue

Halloween Foolishness

Meet the Flintstones
What a nice head of hair you've got there Timmy
ABBA - Kline Heights Style
Dancin' Queens
Mamma Mia
Introducing - The 4 Seasons

Road Trips Rock

Miss Oktoberfest
Can we have some of your cake?
Stompfest 2016
No we didn't bring our own booze!
After quite a few trips to the bus

What Happens in the Garage Stays in the Garage

Mike is not impressed
Look at that sex panther
Trying to be hip!
no saggy ass jeans there - work it boys
Open your eyes ladies
The condom hat makes the whole outfit
Go get em TIM


They may be a little closer than we knew!
Fancy Dress Party in the Garage
There are no words for this!
It's now 2015
What a crew to ring in a new year with - 2015

SEAFOAM - Home away from home

Look at me!
The Children
Patio nights

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