Sustainable forest?

What is sustainable forest? Sustainable forest is a forest that is gingerly managed so that the trees that are cut down will be replaced with seedlings that ultimately grow into mature trees. This system is skilfully and carefully managed.

Malaysia perspective

From Malaysia perspective, we can find that vast challenge will be faced to implement SFM and certification of tropical forests. Besides, coordination among consumer countries policies, legality standards and sustainability acutely needed. Other than that, as evident from the tropical forest crisis, there is a serious disconnect capacity of tropical countries to achieve SFM and certification to fully adapt with the strict standards for timber legality and sustainability to meet the world demands.

International perspectives

From international perspectives, we can see that there is no 'magic bullet' of universally applicable forest management practises that can be steadily applied to guarantee forest sustainability. Besides, optimizing the various values to be marked from forests requires the prevalent management unit to be managed in the context of wider landscape. This remains one of the most significant challenges for forest managers nowadays to attain SFM. Moreover, the open process of using indicators in assessing SFM and timber certification will need further research to achieve long-term sustainability of the forest resources because in reality, timber certification institutions do not currently certify that a management unit is sustainable, but that the predetermined management standards have been met.


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