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Rarely in marketing does one size fit all; each business different, with unique needs, marketing budgets, staff, etc. That's why at New Story Media, we take the time to to learn about our clients' needs in order to craft a campaign that yields them engagement and impact for their marketing dollars. The following campaigns utilized various services New Story Media offers as it fit their needs and budget.

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Cameron management

This production was part two of the Higher Ground campaign to continue to bring awareness to Cameron's Management's incredible team. This on-going campaign includes website creation and management, videoproduction, targeted video marketing that drives traffic to their website, shareable content for social media, and the email signature technique.

Our goal was to create a film that shows that Cameron Management stands on Higher Ground, with strength and integrity, to show them reaching out and serving their community in tangible ways. Not only physically but philosophically built on higher principles; higher view of people, service, and integrity. The goal was to create an emotional sense of connection and serving as we told the story of the Cameron Management team being a blessing to others. The film was aimed at creating a desire in the viewer to invest and experience the higher quality of Cameron Management for themselves. The film was targeted at CEOs, Investors, and the CBB clients that want image-defining, Class A space in a prime neighborhood with an established market presence. We wanted the audience to have confidence that Cameron Management is a trustworthy investment from the ground up and leave them with a feeling of connection. We wanted to invite the audience to trust Cameron Management for themselves.

“These guys are the best, most creative folks I have ever worked with. They really understood my needs and would not let me settle for anything that was not exceptional.“ -Dougal Cameron

Drive Over Chock

Video Production, Targeted Video Marketing Campaign, webdesign

This award winning campaign included two videos, (Interest/Awareness Phase Video and a Learning Phase Video), targeted video marketing, social media marketing, custom designed show materials for conferences, and graphic design.

In the Interest/Awareness Phase Video, our goal was to create a film that shows how the Drive-Over Chock is the best solution for transporting ATVs, and to create an emotional desire so strong the viewer will want to experience the D.O.C. for themselves. The film was targeted at outdoorsmen ... golfers, ranchers, hunters and anyone who enjoys the outdoors and the ATV lifestyle. We wanted the audience to have confidence that the D.O.C. is a sturdy, strong, and quality anchor for their ATV. We wanted to leave them with a feeling of security and demonstrate the ease-of-use and thoughtful design behind the DOC. In the Learning Phase Video, our goal was to further establish value with the brand by having the inventor educate the customer in how to install the product. This onboarding video helped us establish a personal connection between the audience and the brand.

Hill Country CHRIstian School

eight brand story films

This project included multiple videos highlighting the staff and students of HCCS to share its values and culture. The project was a major part of a successful capital campaign to help expand the school.

Our goal with this project was to create a campaign that shows how Hill Country Christian School is making an impact on the world for Christ. We did this by sharing powerful stories of individuals who have been inspired and equipped through Hill Country. The project shared Hill Country's vision of preparing students for college and for life. The goal was to create an emotional sense of connection and urgency to a call to action and raise awareness and funding. The films conveyed the idea that by supporting the school, families are helping Hill Country make an even greater impact for Christ.

Golden Section Technology

product EXPLAINER video

Goal: To create a film that shows that SmartWheel is the personal tech solution in social media apps. It's a way to harness the power of personal networks and avoid the pitfalls of poor purchasing recommendations. SmartWheel runs on trust. This app is aimed at married audiences ages 28-56, who are discerning customers. These customers are not content to follow random, anonymous advice online to make their purchases. The SmartWheel app empowers its users by equipping them with solid recommendations from sources they trust, increasing customers' productivity and guaranteeing satisfaction. SmartWheel's fast and simple interface ensures that no time is wasted navigating the app. We want the viewer to have the confidence that SmartWheel is an app that will improve and enhance their buying decisions. We want to leave the viewer with the desire to download and use SmartWheel for themselves.

Hall and HalL

Luxury Real Estate video funnel

New Story has a long track record of partnering with Hall & Hall to sell some of the largest farm and ranch/luxury properties in the United States.

The goal with this project was to create a film that asks the question, “What if this was yours?“… and relate that Moon River Ranch is an entrepreneur's dream. The film's goal was to inspire the viewer to envision themselves owning Moon River Ranch, and to highlight the attributes of the ranch and reasons it is an enticing investment. The film was targeted at entrepreneurs, buyers and investors who recognize the possibilities afforded by the property. We wanted the audience to have confidence that Moon River Ranch was a golden opportunity, and leave them with a feeling that this dream can be their reality.

This project included a video funnel which included an interest/awareness video, learning video, and evaluate video. All content drove traffic to the clients website where the audience was delivered a lead generator in return for an email address. In this case it was a downloadable brochure that presented more information about the famous Moon River Ranch owned by country music legend Randy Travis

“I have used New Story on a number of occasions, with exceptional results and customer service. Quite creative and business minded.” -Tyler Jacobs

Citadel Christian School

This project included One 1-3 minute film for marketing purposes. The goal of the project was to create a campaign that shows how Citadel Christian School is making an impact on the world for Christ; to move the audience by creating a strong emotional impetus to help CCS grow. This campaign has yet to be launched.

"I have worked with media companies for over 30 years. New Story is the most talented and professional I have seen." - Ralph Kirkland

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