The Candymakers By Wendy Mass

The genre of the story The Candymakers is fiction.

Feour "ordinary" people (Logan, Daisy, Miles, and Philp)are choosen to compet and see who is the best candy inside the Life is Sweet candy factory. There is a secret ingredient and all the Candymakers in the competition are trying to figure out. Only one person can win the compition, and everyone has a different reason of why they need to. Not every is who they seem to be.
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes when there is a major change of events. This person might also like unpredictable characters. This is because the plot of the story and the characters are very unpredictable.
One literary praise of this book could be that the book is written so that you can see everyone's point of view. You get to experience the background life of each of the characters, as well as what they are thinking and why they are acting a certain way at times. This is great because then you can get all the aspects story. This makes the story more exciting

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