Welcome KJB102: Introduction to journalIsm, meDia & communication

There has never been a more exciting time to work in media ...

Media industries are undergoing the most dramatic changes since the invention to television -- perhaps even since the invention to the printing press. While some types of media may die, other new more dynamic and interactive forms are emerging. Chance are that by the time you graduate, you may be working in a job that didn't exist now. KJB102: Introduction to Journalism, Media & Communication will give the skills to thrive in this new media media environment.


KJB102 uses a combination of online and face-to-face learning activities. A full outline of these can be found on the KJB102 Blackboard site. The face-to-face learning activities include tutorials (smaller classes where you will have the opportunity to work with other students to develop your skills) and lectures (larger classes where you will be introduced to key ideas and have the opportunity to hear from several guest speakers who work in the media).

It's important that you allocate yourself to a tutorial as soon as possible and you do this through your QUT student profile (technically, you should also allocate yourself to the lecture, but that's not as important). If you find yourself allocated to a tutorial that clashes with another class, or other unavoidable commitments (e.g. work, family), go here and follow the instructions. It is extremely unlikely that you will not get the tutorial time you need, so there's no need to worry!

What you'll be learning

Introduction to JMC is designed to give you an overview of the global media environment and introduces you to the types of roles that exist for media professionals. Topics are divided into three main areas:

  • Key concepts underpinning modern media (e.g. globalisation, media convergence, the public sphere, and the fourth estate)
  • Issues that all media professionals encounter in their working life (e.g. ethics, and working under pressure)
  • Skills for developing a career that you love
Ron Burgundy didn't do KJB102, but he still turned out alright ...

The unit gives you the opportunity to think about about how the media is going to change in coming years and what contribution you want to make. KJB102 is about innovation, exploring possibilities and setting yourself up for success both at university and your professional life


There are three assessment items in KJB102:

  1. A short professional statement about yourself that you will publish on your own website or blog
  2. A biography of a journalism, media and communication professional that interests you, relating their career to some key concepts discussed in the unit
  3. A longer piece that gives you the opportunity to reflect on the types of attributes and skills you'll need for a career in JMC and how you will develop these.

When things don't go according to the script ...

Starting university is an amazing experience that will change your life! It's also pretty daunting and confusing at times! There is no such thing as a stupid question; in fact, as professional communicators it's often our job to ask stupid questions! So, if you have a question, please ask your lecturers, tutors, or the university admin staff. Remember, most of these people at some stage were students too, so we know what it's like.

QUT has a whole range of services to help you if you're having problems with your study, finances, or life in general. You'll be introduced to these in KJB102 and other units you take. Please use them! We like having you at QUT, but we like it even more when you graduate, and one of the keys to that is sorting out any potential problems you might be having as soon as possible.

What to do next?

KJB102 classes begin in week 1 with your tutorial, followed by the lecture and you'll get the opportunity to meet your teachers and class mates. In the meantime, check out the KJB102 Blackboard site and join the unit's Facebook group (Search for "KJB102 Intro to JMC"). Most people from previous years stay on the group, so there's a lot of collective wisdom there! You can also follow me on Twitter (@JSternberg1) and use #KJB102 to post information that relates to the unit.

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