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Today in Year Three!

Each Monday morning throughout 2017 I will be spending the morning session in classrooms with students and staff. This will help give me a full picture of the wonderful learning our children are undertaking and it will also help me to get to know all of our children at a deeper level. While in classrooms I will be looking at student learning, classroom strategies, teaching practice, learning culture, student / teacher relationships, literacy / numeracy development K-6, the quality of student work, just to name a few. Last week I was in KB and 1/KM. This week I spent the morning with 3H and 3M.

Year Three getting stuck into their work first thing Monday morning.

This morning (06.03.17) Year Three students worked on visual literacy, 'sizzling starts', vocabulary, spelling and reading comprehension. I was very impressed with student concentration and willingness to help one-another and to share resources. Well done Year Three. Learning to work successfully with others is very important.

Year Three is big year. In the 12 months of Year Three, students grow from little people in Year Two to being ready for Year Four. It is a lot of growth and development. We are so fortunate to have two amazing staff in Mr McLean and Mrs Haleblian leading the way in Year Three. What a dynamic team!

Meet the Teacher Evening – Tuesday February 28th

Thank you to all those parents who turned out last Tuesday evening for our ‘Meet The Teacher’ evening. The evening saw an enormous showing of parents with standing room only across all classrooms. This is a demonstration of the support our school has from families at TNPS and also the value our community places on school and learning. I have had some very strong feedback from parents on the quality of the presentations given by staff and the passion teachers at TNPS have for designing and leading learning. Several parents also commented on the consistency of message provided by staff across classrooms as a strength also.

Miss English speaks to a packed Y2 parent audience last Tuesday evening.

Stages Two and Three staff have made their Adobe Spark presentations from the 'Meet The Teacher Evening' available online (via app) under the 'news/events' heading for parents who would like to revisit the messages provided by staff.

Confirmed Case of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Parents are advised that the school has been notified by a parent that their child has been confirmed to have 'Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.'

Hand, foot and mouth disease is generally a mild illness caused by enteroviruses, including coxsackieviruses. It is usually not a serious illness and is not related to the foot and mouth disease that affects animals. It mainly occurs in children under 10 years of age but can also occur in older children and adults.

What are the symptoms? • Hand, foot and mouth disease starts with blisters that begin as small red dots which later become ulcers. Blisters appear inside the cheeks, gums, and on the sides of the tongue, as well as on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. In infants, blisters can sometimes be seen in the nappy area. Blisters usually last for 7 to 10 days. Children can sometimes have a low fever, sore throat, tiredness, feel off colour and may be off their food for a day or two Very rarely, enteroviruses can cause other illnesses that affect the heart, brain, lining of the brain (meningitis), lungs, or eyes.

Prevention? • Good hygiene is the best protection. Wash hands with soap and water after going to the toilet, before eating, after wiping noses, and after changing nappies or soiled clothing. Avoid sharing cups, eating utensils, items of personal hygiene (for example: towels, washers and toothbrushes), and clothing (especially shoes and socks.) Thoroughly wash any soiled clothing and any surfaces that may have been contaminated. Teach children about cough and sneeze etiquette.

School Response? The school has had all toilet areas disinfected this morning and has chosen to notify the community. All staff will be reminding children to wash their hands with soap when they go to their bathrooms.

Please find a link to the Public Health Fact Sheet here.

Future of Work - As Parents and Teachers We Must Pay Attention

Over the last week or so TNPS has been distributing information about the forthcoming event ‘Preparing Humans 4 The SECOND MACHINE AGE.’

If you as a parent believe that the changing landscape of employment is important information and relates to the lives our kids will lead beyond school – you will probably want to join us at this special event Monday 27th March.

Yes the changes in the workplace and the automation of jobs is scary, but it is not going away. The sooner we all find out more about this the better. Our children need us to be informed so that we can help guide their growth and development from a position of knowledge. 2030 isn’t that far away and as educators and parents we must pay attention. Register for the event through this live link here or register via the school's homepage .

More than 180 teachers and parents from across Sydney have already registered for the event. Don't miss out.

Year Four Have Been Skipping!

Year Four are toning up with skipping several times each week. What a great way to keep fit!

Clean Up Day at Turramurra North

1/KM do a great job cleaning up the 'Top Quad'

Last Friday all students K-6 joined together for ‘Clean Up Our School Day’ in conjunction with ‘Clean Up Australia’ day held on Sunday. With an ever growing global population, litter and rubbish in general is an ever increasing problem for society the world over. At Turramurra North we keep a very tidy environment – one that we are all proud of. Days like this are a good experience for our children not only as a reminder of the importance of keeping the environment clean, but also as a reminder what it means to work together as a community to make a difference. Many hands make light work. Thank you to parents for sending the children to school in GREEN.

Some Change at The Top in NSW Education

Mr Mark Scott (left) and Mr Rob Stokes (right)

You may or may not be aware that in recent times there has been some significant change is the leadership of Education in NSW. We now have a new Education Minister – Mr Rob Stokes and a new Secretary of Education - Mr Mark Scott.

New Education Minister - Recently Adrian Piccoli (Nationals) was replaced as Education Minister by Rob Stokes (Liberals). Rob Stokes moves to the Education portfolio from Planning. Already Rob Stokes has delivered a strong message of the need to build large numbers of schools – particularly in Sydney – over the next decade to accommodate a swell in school age students enrolment numbers. On February 8th Mr Stokes was quoted by the Sydney Morning Herald as saying that ‘The data is very clear, the NSW population is growing by 28% over the next 20 years.' Read about Rob Stokes vision for education here.

New NSW DoE Secretary - There has also been change at the top in the NSW Department of Education in recent times. Mark Scott is the new Secretary of the NSW Department of Education. Mark was formerly the Managing Director (10 yrs) of the ABC, but and has a long connection to education having worked as a teacher in the 1980s. Mark’s wife is also in the education sector. Briony Scott is Principal at Wenona. Read about Mark here.

Read Mark’s welcome back to the 2017 school year here.

Kinder Enrolments 2018

Turramurra North PS is currently taking enrolments for Kindergarten 2018. TNPS offers expansive grounds, outstanding teachers, rich arts programs, outstanding academic outcomes and fabulous sport program. At TNPS we know each and every child, not just by name but who they are. Our school is also a recognised leader in Future Focussed Learning (NSW DoE Policy). Please share the word. TNPS is taking enrolments for 2018 now.

It is Not Too Late to Join Band!

A reminder from Mrs Marsden, our P&C Band Coo-ordinator, that it is not too late to join band. If your child would like to join, please contact Amy Marsden via the front office. We have a spot or two available. Special thanks to Amy and the Band Committee for the outstanding contribution provided week in week out.

TNPS P&C - Lend A Hand

The TNPS welcomes new members and any help TNPS families can offer. We understand that life is busy and it's not always possible to commit to joining a sub-committee but there are many other ways that you can support the P&C and the school community.



TNPS Calendar - The Place to Go for ALL TNPS EVENTS

Just a quick reminder that the TNPS school calendar is maintained weekly through the 'school stream app' and website. Please refer to this as the basis of all things TNPS.

P. Taylor, Principal 06.03.17


This week sees Year 6 painting their ceramic pieces after the bisque firing. Please remind your child of their day and don’t forget to pack afternoon tea for them.

If you have any old towels, of any size or any plastic takeaway containers I would be most appreciative of donations. Thank you in advance. Have a look at the art blog, there is a new post. Feel free to leave a comment if you wish.

Lee-Anne Plasto





Please ensure that you update your childs class in Munch Monitor. To UPDATE a class, please see the below steps:

•Step 1 - Select MY ACCOUNT from the top of the MunchMonitor Home Page

•Step 2 - Select STUDENT PROFILE from the list

•Step 3 - Select the applicable 2017 CLASS from the Class List and save the Profile (there is no need to create a new profile)

•If your child has snack money allocation please ensure this is also updated. If it's not updated your child will not be able to purchase snacks using Munch Monitor.


The canteen needs volunteers for the following dates in Term 1:

Fri 10th March x 1

Wed 15th March x 1

Fri 17th March x 2

Wed 22nd March x 1

Fri 24th March x1

Wed 29th March x1

Wed 5th April x 1

If you can spare a half day or a whole day on any of these days please sign up at

(Half shift are: 9.00am - 11.30am & 11.30am - 2.00pm)

Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers. The canteen simply could not operate without you.

If you have any questions please contact

Sign up for Term 2 is available so don't be shy about planning ahead and sign up now!

Thanks for your support

Canteen Committee




TNPS Prayer Group Welcomes All

The TNPS parent prayer group invite you to join us in prayer for the school on the 4th Thursday of the month in the NTOOSH building at 9:00am. Everyone is welcome.

Prayer requests, which remain confidential, can be left in the Prayer requests box in the office, or email or phone Anitra Lipscomb - / 0450 965 247



Ladies, get into the action and join North Turramurra Football Club's first women’s 5-a-side team!

Everyone is welcome. We’ll all be beginners so having never played before is no excuse :) The comp is casual and all about having a kick and some fun. Matches are 45 min long, played at Toolang Oval, Saturdays at 4pm. Simplified rules.

If you’d like to join or have any questions please contact Karin - 0421 058 390;

Need a Babysitter?

I am currently in Year 11 at Pymble Ladies College. I went to TNPS before that. I would love to babysit your children.

I have experience in looking after my brother, Archie Jones. He is now 8 years old. I have been looking after him for the last 5 years. I am free most of the time, particularly during the week. Please text me, Lucy Jones, on 0435 540 522. Or you can text my mum Sue Jones 0402 677 933.

St Ives High Gifted & Talented Testing Information



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