How Nelson Mandela Gained Independence for South Africa By: Connor Bateman

Nelson Mandela was a man from South Africa. Mandela lived in a time where South Africa was filled with Apartheid and Oppression toward blacks and other colored people. The Apartheid started when the Dutch East India Company colonized South Africa, eventually they were replaced by the English. The whole time the black South Africans were being oppressed and eventually Nelson Mandela led an independence movement that brought independence to South Africa.

Nelson Mandela was born as Rolihlahla Mandela but was given the name Nelson in the British school he went to. Mandela was given a really good education and when he got out of school he wanted to fight to free South Africa from British Colonization.

Mandela was leading the revolution for a while but it was always non violent. Mandela believed in peaceful protests and civil disobedience. Along with many other Mandela was thrown in jail. Mandela stayed in jail for 27 years until he was released and he continued his mission. He gained a lot of support and popularity while he was in jail and he even had the support of white South African president F. W. Deklerk.

With the help of DeKlerk and the rest of South Africa Mandela gained independence for South Africa in 1961. South Africa was free and independent but it still had Apartheid. It took a long time to end Apartheid but Madela found a way to unite his country during the rugby world cup. He had the cup hosted in South Africa and the entire country ended up supporting the South African Sprinboks, and they ended up winning the whole tournament. This finally brought unity to South Africa.

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