McDonald Berger Will bufton

The fog was thick and the air humid that night. The McDonalds was run down, unable to fix itself with the very low income of the place. It was located next an old bridge which had vines growing on it and it was covered in rust. No one ever drove over the old creaky bridge. The only people who stopped to eat were very lost. There were only two people who worked there, an old lady named Diana Zest and a young man named Mack-Donald Berger.

Who am I? I Thought. I am just 86 year old who works at McDonald's. I don't even know why I am here. Mack is going to find out about the potions soon. He is a curious young man. I will have to hide the potions before he finds out. I sighed. It was quiet and dark, the only sounds being the buzzing of the giant M sign. Mack was looking at the burgers, which were stale and moldy. We rarely have food supplied to us, because we don't get many customers.

It was nearing midnight and we decided to go to bed soon. We got a customer who got the last of the fresh burgers. I haven't had dinner yet and I am so hungry. I checked the secret closet that I store my most valuable things in. Darn! I'm out of potions! He cannot know who I am! I thought.

When I was a young girl, I had lost my favorite doll and I sobbed and looked around the entire house. When I reached the basement, I went in without hesitation as I loved my doll. When I went down, there was the most ugly, hairy and disgusting bat I've ever seen! It bit me, and since that day I've been different. I ran away, and I've been living as a vampire, eating people when I get hungry. Until I found the the green potions online.

The potions would cure me, but they wouldn't last long. I got a chance at normal life again. I was a poor cashier for as long as I remember. Anyway, Mack went to bed without dinner (We lived in the McDonalds.). I hadn't eaten in hours, and I was either going to eat a moldy, stale burger or else I'll have to do something else.

Mack is looking mighty tasty. I can't even do this anymore. I lunged at him, dove on top of him and, well sucked his blood. He didn't even resist. That was one good McDonald Burger!

Why did I just do that! I've been away from the vampire life for almost 65 years. The police will hunt me down! I'll be killed! What do I do? Do I let them hunt me? Do I hunt them? I'm going to throw Mack's body off the bridge. I'm going into hiding.

I'm a horrible person. They will kill me! I think as I throw Mack off the bridge. I'm a monster. It's not my fault, is it? I never wanted to be a vampire. I just acted on instinct. I'll wait here for two weeks to see if they come.

I scream as they corner me on the bridge. "You can't kill me!" I shout. They open fire but they don't even kill me. I lunge at them, then eat them all. I feel victorious once again.

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