10 things about me๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜Š by: yanelis reyes pagan๐Ÿ˜

My name is Yanelis Reyes. I am in middle school. I have two sisters. Their names are Joharilis and Nayelis.

Yanelis yesenia nayelis
My flag - Puerto Rico

This is a song from Puerto Rico that describes how beautiful our flag is - Que Bonita Bandera

I am from Puerto Rico

I am bilingual - I speak 2 languages (Spanish and English)

My favorite colors are blue and pink

My favorite food is chicken and rice

My favorite movie is Daddy's Home

My favorite sport is basketball

My favorite class is ESOL

My favorite singer is Kodak Black and Ozuna

I want to be a doctor

My best friends are Sairy, Jovaniel, Tadeo, Jeferson, Magalli, Nayelis, Lina, Aya, Khadeeja, Maram, Monserratt, Maria, and Thaily

I like to play with slime

My favorite animal is horse

Sairy, Khadeeja, Jova, Aya, Lina, Maram, Maria, Magalli, Monserratt

My favorite colors are pink and blue

My favorite food is chicken and rice

Rice and gandules with chicken, salad, and tostones

I want to be a doctor


My favorite singer is Kodak Black. I really like his music.

Kodak Black

My favorite sport is basketball because I played in Puerto Rico.


I like to play with Slime. You can even make Slime for yourself.

My favorite movie is Daddy's Home. I like this movie because it was funny. It made me laugh throughout the entire movie.

Daddy;s Home

My favorite animal is horse. I like horses because they are cute and adorable. Also, they have long, beautiful hair like me.

Beautiful Horse




I like Jordans because they pretty on me


A Jordan cake

These are Jordans

This about me

I am a girl who helps people

I am a good gril

This is for my best friend Monserratt

For Monserratt,Maria

For my friend

For my friend


Carambola starfruit


Sandia/ watermelon

This is my favorite fruit. It is good everyday.

Sairy is my bff because she is a girl that plays with my sister and me. Monserratt is my best frind because she plays with everybody.Magalli is my bff because she is a nice girl..Camila is a good girl.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope you learned more about me.


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