Beauty in my own backyard a photo story by Claudia Ramirez

Living in the suburbs we are constantly enclosed by the heavy walls of our vehicle. As practical and necessary as that is, it also separates us from much of the beauty and wonder that is available to us by the simple act of walking and observing. As I walked in my own neighborhood, no different than any other typical suburban habitat, I discovered color, beauty and a little bit of magic.

An Oasis In the Middle of Suburbia

In the first five minutes of my journey I struck gold. A little oasis in the middle of condos and two way traffic. Realizing that someone has taken extreme care over every detail of their garden is inspiring. Every aspect was carefully manicured, from the gazing ball to the selection of plants and colorful koi fish. It's a perfect place to take a break for a moment of reflection.

Beauty Everywhere

When you cast off the security of your oversized SUV, you get a chance to look around and admire things more closely. To stop and smell the flowers, if you will. Its a chance to look more closely at the small things you would normally miss.

The beauty of the everyday is there waiting for us to look.

It's all in the details

Walking also helps you get a closer look at things that are often ignored. To truly observe and see things from a different point of view.

"Anything looked at closely becomes wonderful." -A.R. Ammons

Walking Discoveries

on a walking pilgrimage

toward my greater self

I stumbled upon discoveries

beauty, details and a new way to look at the world

and myself.

Created By
Claudia Ramirez


All Photos Copyright Claudia Ramirez #ramirezimages

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