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Hot and cold drinks such as: coffee, iced tea, cappuccinos, and lattes are a fanatic that millions of people obsess over across the world. Some say they need coffee to function every morning, and this numbers seems to add up. In one week, about 60 million people in the world visit Starbucks, and that is just ONE brand that sells these products. Obviously, waking up and getting a cup of coffee from a nearby store is a habit for some and has become part of their routine.

Shows coffee prices around the country

Although a lot of people say coffee, tea, espresso's etc. are virtues, they are also quite expensive. In the United States alone, the prices of these drinks vary from different parts of the world. Through several studies that combined all prices from around the United States, about one cup of coffee is $2.70 (on average). Though, this is one of the lower prices, the average cost for a cappuccino, chai, latte, and mocha are almost one dollar extra.

This short video explains why coffee retailers sell their coffee for such a high price, and what goes into it. Although the pricing is in pounds!!

As you have seen, most people like to buy a drink hot or cold, every single day. Let me pretend I am one of those people.. Let's say I live in Connecticut and I buy one cup of coffee 7 days a week. That means $2.79 x 7 = $19.53. Just for one week! Now, multiply that number by 52 weeks, for each week of the year. $19.53 x 52 $1015.56 each year JUST on drinks! Oh, and that is below average.

"A new report estimates that the average American worker drops nearly $1,100 annually on coffee. That’s not much less than what the average worker spends to commute to the job" (Tuttle).

Although some people buy their drinks at a big brand everyday, others like to make their preferred drinks at home with a coffee machine. One coffee machine that seems to be sweeping the country is the Keurig, a company that sells specialized coffee machines for their K-cups. These machines create all sorts of drinks in a matter of seconds, and is less than half of the price of going out and purchasing coffee. Is it worth it?

"Keurig has changed how Americans consume coffee. Single-cup brewers are now the second most popular method for making coffee in the U.S. (behind traditional drip machines), with 29% of American coffee drinkers using them in 2014, according to Statista" (Kline 1).

Again, let's do math to test this point.. First a consumer needs to buy one of the coffee machines which can last for several years. These brewers come in many different versions are range from $60 - $180. The K-cups come in different sized packs but, depending on the drink and amount can range from $12 - $17. Each K-cup makes one cup of coffee, and let's say I buy an eighteen pack of regular "Donut Shop Coffee" which is $10.99. Meaning each cup is $0.69, way less than a regular cup! If we multiply this number by 365 (for each day of the year) the toal comes out to $250.71. If we add this number to the original cost of the Keurig brewer (estimating it was $100), the price of a cup of coffee a day with the Keurig is $350.71, whereas with going to a coffee shop it is $1015.56.

With a huge vary in price, the Keurig seems to save money, time, and also helps with recycling sources. It uses less paper and plastic cups and saves gas and gas money. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, apple cider whatever if your "cup of tea", the Keurig brewer can make it.


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