Horses Although the conquistadors were brave and strong, without horses they probably would not have conquered the Americas.

Horses can carry people long distances, proving to be very useful for traveling.

Horses can be used in combat to charge into battle at high speeds, making out to be a powerful force in a war.

In fact, horses can run up to 30 mph.

Horses can plow fields, saving a lot of energy for humans and making farming more efficient.

Horses can plow fields, become a weapon, and be used to travel, making them one of the best animals you can get.

Horses allowed the Europeans to hunt and herd animals with less effort, increasing their surplus. They also plowed farms, making farms more efficient. Horses also would be used in battle. The person riding the horse could charge into battle, not only intimidating their enemies, but also had big influences on the outcomes of battles. Horses could trample enemies, kick them, and provide great opportunities for the rider to strike.

As you can see, horses gave Europeans advantages in giving them a surplus and in battle. This meant that they could take over America and give it a great surplus and start an amazing military, leading them to the America we know today.

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