On the Water Life on the water is a simpler life

They seem to agree..

The Old Man and the Boy, a story by Robert Ruark, about a young man’s life experiences shared with his grandfather. He spends summers with his grandfather, while his not in school. His grandfather has a critical role in shaping his life and most of his lessons are taught through fishing and hunting in this book. The old man always knows what to say and he seems to have an answer for every situation. The boy does not speak of knowledge learned in the class room, but knowledge that can only be taught from experience and- an old man. This book directly relates to my paper because it is based exactly on my advocacy. This book not only speaks about what I want to talk about in my paper, but it was also given to me by my Grandad and it is to this day my favorite book of all time.

A River Runs Through It is a movie about two brothers that grow up in the same place but go on in life to do very different things. Norman goes off to college and his brother Paul, stays in town and gets caught up in the local riff-raff. Norman speaks of Paul and how he does not understand how Paul is such an inherently good fisherman. He says watching his brother is fly-fishing is looking at fine art. Paul may not have his life in order, but every time he makes way down to the river his true calling makes him glisten off the sun in that little stream.

In Natures Healing Effects on Your Body & Your Mind, Jennifer Edwards speaks of how the human psychology is effected when spending time outdoors. This is not particularly about fishing or being on the water, but this does speak about being outdoors in general and how it affects one physically and emotionally.

The Lure: Still More Stories of Families, Fishing, and Faith tells some stories from a man’s fishing career and how they have affected him personally. William Kopple tells his fish stories and his experiences on the water.” As I cleared the heaviest traffic on my way north, the muscles in my neck gradually loosened as I realized that the weather was perfect for salmon fishing — it was cool, it was overcast, it was misty.” Fisherman, real fisherman always have fishing on the brain.

On Sacred Ground : The Spirit Of Place In Pacific Northwest Literature is a study on how the people of the PNW act and interact with each other. It states that the environment that they are in, the nature, has bread a kindred spirit in its people.

Photo Essay

Many hours have been spent on the water between ole Grandad and I. We have caught about every kind of fish there is and we have sat in the boat a whole day and not got a bite. That is just the way it goes with fishing, but we never had a bad time. My community is the boat that my Grandad and I share. We have fished on that boat since I was a very young boy and still do today. This is my favorite community in my life and it has a special place in my heart. I believe that not only is fishing itself a wonderful release, that gives one opportunity to enjoy life and think but also the relationship between a grandparent and grandchild that can grow stronger than any other bond. There is something about nature, it is soothing. Fishing in nature not only improves our emotional state but can have physical effects on us as well. These photos are from various fishing excursions with my Grandad including our trips to Canada at a fly-in fishing lake.

First Pike of the Trip

Those Lake Ottaman Walley are really gold

Annotated Bibliography

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Reflective Piece

There has been a vast amount of learning in this class for me. We have covered new topics that I had never before been introduced to as well as mastered things I had seen before. In this paper I took information from other sources that fit my argument and used them directly to restate what I was saying. Ability to formulate solid research questions that explore ideas and current conversations with the course theme: When I began ENG 201 I struggled with this subject of finding a good research question that was not vague, representing a clear idea that could be argued on either side. Dr. Sullivan really focused on content and this helped me greatly in not only understanding how to formulate good research questions, but to really care about my essays and to become more engaged with the paper I was writing. We were required to have proper formatting and cite our sources but the main focus was on the content and the argument of the paper rather than grammatical errors. This was a serious step in me getting more engaged in English and caring what I wrote. I learned how important a thesis statement is and if you set up a good thesis and formulate solid research questions than it is dramatically easier to write an essay.

Ability to position themselves within public conversations and to compose arguments supported by research. In ENG 201 we read many scholarly items that focused on social issues written by experts that were engaging and could be argued. We wrote ‘think pieces’ on these writings and they were our response to that issue. These issues were current and helped me to gain writing skills on current issues and to not only give opinions but facts. To stand back and give an argument that was not biased but strictly fact based and sometimes my opinions were even changed by the research I had done on certain issues. Our class was focused on society, what it means to us and how it affects us as people. This was a topic that I had no interest in at the beginning of class, but it was about current issues and we did have to formulate questions and compose logical arguments for societal issues that we wanted to address and this has not only helped my writing, but also increased my intrigue for the subject. I also learned a completely new subject to me in this class; online writing. This is a new style of writing that has become more and more popular today. I have become much more efficient at online writing since the beginning of this class and have learned all I know about digital writing from ENG 201-105.

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