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What is CocoFro?

CocoFro is a personalized hair app that helps people with unresponsive hair regimens achieve their goals. Hair identity must be taken into account when approaching someone’s hair care. Everyone’s hair has a combination of characteristics that make it unique such as the porosity, the texture, the coarseness, and the density. This app considers the user’s hair identity when suggesting a particular approach. It is designed to cater to the user’s hair type.



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Our Style

CocoFro understands the importance of representation in branding, especially if the brand is trying to target an underrepresented or marginalized group. Our design is inspired by our target audience, who are Black women.

Who is our Audience?

CocoFro's audience is Millennial and Gen Z Black women who struggle with their hair maintenance. Research shows that Black Americans, predominantly women, spend approximately $1.3 billion annually on hair care. Hair is a big part of the Afro community, and research confirmed that many still struggle with their hair even with the available resources.

Survey Demographic; 200 participants.



Who is our Competition?

A survey was conducted to identify people's primary source of information regarding hair care. Our direct competition is Youtube, Instagram, and NaturallyCurly. Youtube is a video sharing library webpage, Instagram is a picture sharing social media app, and NaturallyCurly is a blog sharing webpage.

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Will People be Interested?

The survey and the conducted interviews helped define some of the hair-related struggles people face. The final question on the survey asked participants if they were interested in developing a hair routine. Out of 200 participants, only 9.3% confirmed no.

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