Local Legal Authorities presented by Attorney at Law Magazine

Would you like to be on Page 1 of Google?

Have you invested thousands into your website with no direct benefit?

Become the exclusive attorney listed for your practice area in your market on a top ranking third-party website with Attorney at Law Magazine's Local Legal Authorities program.

Attorney at Law Magazine proudly introduces the next trend in legal marketing. At face value, you may lump this product with the hackneyed online directories for legal professionals. Put that concept to the side.

This is a new “mini-site” for your legal practice, featuring your bio, your articles, and an in-depth look into your practice area. This combined with a third-party endorsement will get this high-ranking page to convert viewers into prospects.

As a Local Legal Authority, you will be the ONLY attorney featured for your practice area in your market.

Let's Take a Look at Some of the Features

  • Local Legal Authority Badge
  • Exclusivity for your Practice Area/Location.
  • Optimized banner image depicting the location and practice area.
  • Click-to-Call call to action, with whisper message announcing call origin.
  • Click to your website call to action with tracking.
  • Lead tracking, analytics and reporting.
  • Featured Image of Attorney.
  • Featured Bio of Attorney.
  • Video Embed, optional.
  • Three Featured Articles Written by Attorney.
  • Unlimited Article Submissions to Magazine with Local Legal Authority tracking info in bio.
  • Google My Business Client Reviews (Yelp Available Too).
  • Google Map Embed with Office Location.
  • The Magazine’s Web & SEO Team Optimization of All Content
Local Legal Authority Badge

Sample of Local Legal Authority Page

The Goal of the Local Legal Authority Page

The Local Legal Authority page is created to highlight one attorney as the go-to lawyer for a specific practice area and location. Using the power of Attorney at Law Magazine's content rich website and the efforts of the magazine's web team, these pages will be optimized to rank for key Google Searches.

All of these efforts combine to deliver your practice more potential client leads.

Why It Works

Strong Website

Attorney at Law Magazine is a content rich online and print publication. Due to the incredible amount of legal related articles, editorial, feature stories, press releases, op-eds, videos, event calendar postings that we have stockpiled over the past 10 years, content on our site ranks high in Google.

Published Articles

As a part of your Local Legal Authority page, Attorney at Law Magazine will publish at least three of your articles about your designated practice of law — latest trends, court decisions, etc. These articles will be optimized to increase your visibility and help boost the overall power of your Local Legal Authority page.

Every article you provide Attorney at Law Magazine will include a call-to-action at the bottom that routes readers directly to your website or phone number.

Eye-Catching Review Listing

Additionally, the content we create for your Local Legal Authority page will be inviting for consumers, and encourage better click-through rates. Your page will rank high, and the Google Reviews rating will help convert potential clients.

A study conducted by CSL showed that review stars in search engine results significantly improve click-through rates, by as much as 35%. ..."

Lead Tracking Reports

In addition to drawing more consumers to your Local Legal Authority page through the power of our website, Attorney at Law Magazine will track all calls and website visits from your Local Legal Authority page and provide you with a live dashboard to access these leads in real time.

When a client calls from your Local Legal Authority page a "whisper message" will announce the origin of the caller before routing them through.
Want more information about the benefits of an exclusive Local Legal Authority page or to take the next steps to securing your position, please contact us today.

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For a limited time, Attorney at Law Magazine is offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If after your first 90 days, you're not satisfied with the performance of your page (for any reason), we will refund your money.