Severe weather formations Verrell garrett

Thunderstorms has 3 stages

1.cumulus stage is were warm air rises "updrafts," cloud bigger.

2. Mature stage :Cloud at biggest, lots of water, precipitation.

3. Dissipating stage : Cloud cools, storm dies lasts 1-2 hours.

1.Tornadoes Begin with thunderstorms when warm air rises

2.Air begins to rotate

3. Air rolls, creating vortex


1.begin as lots of thunderstroms

2. Warm air moves to center an rises creating clouds

3.clouds form a ring

4.ring spins and g

Created By
verrell garrett


Created with images by State Farm - "Lightning after a storm" • Anthony Quintano - "Lightning in Arches National Park Moab Utah 2013" • NOAA Photo Library - "nssl0054"

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