Podcast Review #3 The Classroom podcast #2

So this podcast was a little bit older but its a podcast series featuring several of the top youtube animators, and it was all about how they became youtubers and what they were doing to stay afloat at that time (most of those channels have blown up by this point so they're all doing fine, but at the time they spoke of parental struggles over working an odd job, low sub counts, and working extra side jobs to make ends meet until they had built up enough of a following to really support themselves.

Its great to look back just one year and see how much the animation scene on youtube has changed! Several of the people speaking on this podcast (Timtom, Tabbes, Gingerpale) are all very popular youtubers now, coming out with content all the time and being very successful, but just one year ago they were working extremely hard to be successful. It's awesome to hear their stories in such a compact format, as normally they'd be in separate videos on different channels, so not much talking back and forth between creators happens in their own videos.

I think the best example of someone who is working hard to make their channel grow has to be Rushlight Invader. Not only is he working on his channel to push out content, but at the time he was also making pizzas at a local restaurant as his main job! So he had double the work! Yet he still wanted his channel to grow and become successful!

Overall listening to this podcast is giving me plenty of tips about what you'd need to do to become an animator on youtube (something I'd love to do if time permits), they all said that it takes a lot of work and that it'll be slow at the start, but when it kicks off you'll be busy but it will be a ton of fun! that's really encouraging to hear, now I just need to find a program to animate in, the only one I've ever used is a pixel art program, and it's not very good for the type of animation that they all do.

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