Welcome to China! A separate world of learning about the long past China has had!

Welcome to China! A world of old-age technological advancements, past, and future! This page will be telling you about the land marks around China! We will be exploring places about Politics, Cultural,Economics, and Religious Beliefs. Lets get started on this journey!

The Silk Road, A spread of Religion.

A helicopter view of a section of the silk road.

The silk road was a very important interconnection of trading routes that linked together Central Asia, Eastern Asia, Western Asia, and the Subcontinent. They all contributed inventions, technology, and ideas, which helped develop the great nation of China. The silk road helped bring trade to china, which included foodstuff, silk, weapons, and luxury goods, but, goods and services weren't the only things traded over, but Religion was to. Many people in china were non-religious, but through the silk road, many people converted to different religions, or they stayed the same. The silk road was a huge trading post that traded goods, and religions.

Economics, The start of the new China

A Road of Old-time Xian,China

When the Qin Dynasty became the rulers of china, they were doing a poor job at being rulers. They forced men to build the great wall of china with no pay, or food, he raised taxes to build his own Mausoleum, Qin fought many wars, which most of them he lost, and the outcome was nothing but death. People were furious and wanted a new ruler. Liu Bang (256-195 A.D)rebelled against the Qin Dynasty. With the help of Xiang Yu, they assembled and army and fought against the Qin Dynasty. They won the battle and Liu Started to rule and the Chu-Han Dynasty Started, and brought money and glory back to china. Xian is where it all happened, a must visit place.

Culture, Showing the true colors of China.

Chinese Contemporary Art Museum, Shanghai.

For thousands and thousands of years, China has been making culture one of the most unique and strangest. When China first started, the people started to make pots and pans out of clay. This boomed with China starting to make a lot of money. As clay pots and pans were being made, other skilled artists started to make paintings and sculptures.

Dwelling in the Fuchan Mountains, by Huang Gongwang.

Chinese art is very unique and Primarily Consists of out door drawings. China has one of the biggest art industries of all time.

Politics, the foundation of China.

The Imperial Palace, The Forbidden city.

Chinese politics are straight forward and simple. China has always been Communist, but they still allow you to be any Religion you want. The Chinese Government chooses your job for you, and you cant quit that job. Chinese Politics keep the shape of China intact and prosperous.

Thank you for taking a look at the places you can visit in China!

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