Death Incoming Will you survive?

Currently, in the camps of the Israelites, deadly serpents are attacking the people. In an interview with Bobby, a workman, he said, "The cause of the snakes are unknown, but there are rumors that they might be sent from God." Below is a picture of a snake in a ditch, before it was speared. Although the people are trying to get rid of the snakes, they keep appearing. "It seems that there is no hope," said Joe, a hopeless Shepard whose sheep had all died due to the snakes.

"There might still be hope," said Moses, the leader of the Israelites. "I strongly believe that God will save us from those serpents. After all, it is he who sent them, and so it would also be he who saves us." The Israelites are doubting Moses. In the afternoon, people were thinking of killing him. Below, a snake that bit one of the reporters.

A two headed snake

Luckily for the Israelites, some of them repented and were saved. How did that happen? Well, they begged God to save them, and he did. He had Moses craft a bronze snake and put it on a pole. Moses had said, in a recent interview, "If you are bitten by a snake, look at this bronze snake and you would be saved." The accuracy of the Bronze snake is still mysterious. Some were healed, but the majority of the Israelite population are still unsure. "I would rather avoid the snakes then walk 3 miles across the camp to see a snake," Steve, a priest, said. He was immediately bitten by a two headed snake and fell down, dead. So, it is up to you to decide. Do YOU trust God?

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iancheng ICS


Created with images by skeeze - "rattlesnake coiled reptile" • Rob Swystun - "snake" • Jason Pratt - "Two-headed California Kingsnake"

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