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Questions About the Beach Closures

Q: Are the beaches closed for residents?

Yes. The City beaches are closed to everyone, including all visitors and residents.

Q: Which beaches are closed?

All City beaches are closed. City beaches start at Treasure Island by the Montage and continue north all the way to Irvine Cove. The private beaches at Three Arch Bay are also closed. The City's lower Treasure Island parking garage near the Montage is also closed.

Q: Can I paddle out to surf at City beaches?


Q: How are the City beach closures being enforced?

The Laguna Beach Police Department and Department of Marine Safety are patrolling closed areas. People in violation of the closure orders will receive citations.

Questions About Trails, Parks, and Outdoor Recreation

Q: What trails and parks are closed?

All trailheads, entrances and parking lots at local wilderness parks are now closed. The parking lots for the County wilderness parks located along Laguna Canyon Road (Nix Nature Center, James Dilley, Willow, Big Bend) are closed. County wilderness parks adjacent to the City include Laguna Coast Wilderness Park and Aliso & Wood Canyons Wilderness Park.

The Fire Road is Closed to the Public, Including Residents.

Q: What about hiking on the Fire Road? Is that allowed?

No. The Fire Road is closed to the public, including residents. Authorized public employees still have access.

Q: How are the trail closures being enforced?

The Laguna Beach Police Department is patrolling closed areas. People in violation of the closure orders will receive citations.

Q: Can I go outside to walk in my neighborhood?

Yes! You can go outside for walks and recreation but won’t be able to do so in groups. Social distancing of 6-feet between all persons, other than family members, must be maintained at all times.

Main Beach Park and Main Beach are Closed.

Q: What City parks are closed?

Main Beach Park, Heisler Park, Crescent Bay Point Park and Treasure Island Park are all closed to the public. These public parks contain benches, railings and structures that are high-touch areas and could potentially be a source of spread of COVID-19. The restrooms at these parks are also closed.

Other City Parks remain open provided people social distance at least 6 feet.

Q: What about children's playgrounds at parks? Are they open?

No. All children’s playground areas have been closed Citywide, including the playground areas at Main Beach Park, Alta Laguna Park, and Bluebird Park.

Q: Can I play volleyball, tennis or basketball on City courts?

No. All volleyball, tennis and basketball courts are closed Citywide, including at Main Beach. The community pool is also closed.

The Laguna Beach Dog Park is Open, Weather-Permitting.

Q: What about the Dog Park? Is it open?

Yes! The Dog Park in Laguna Canyon remains open (however, it will close when it rains). We now send out text alerts when we close and re-open the Laguna Beach Dog Park. To sign up text LBDOGPARK to 888-777.

Questions About City Operations and City Council

Q: Is City Hall open?

No. City Hall is closed to the public, but essential services will be provided. For questions call (949) 497-3311 during regular business hours, or email us directly by department at the link below.

Q: Can I still do things like pay a parking ticket, get a parking permit or a business or animal license online?

Yes! All of those services can be done online. Click the link below for more on our online resources.

Q: Why are you still holding City Council meetings at all?

We are continuing to hold City Council meetings so we can conduct essential City business.

Q: How will City Council meetings be conducted?

Due to Executive Order N-29-20, we can no longer offer an in-person meeting location for the community to attend public meetings.

Public participation at the upcoming City Council meeting shall be limited to electronic and telephonic participation.

We are working on a solution to allow public comment via conference call while watching the meeting live online or on cable channel 852. Our goal is for you to be able to watch and participate in the meeting from your home.

Q: What if I have comments on items being discussed? How can I submit my comments?

You may email public comments regarding agenda items to cityclerk@lagunabeachcity.net by noon on the day before the City Council meeting. Please note the agenda item you wish to comment on in your email.

Q: What about Commission and Committee meetings?

All Planning Commission, Design Review Board and Committee meetings are canceled through April.

The Laguna Beach Community Development Department is Closed to the Public, but Offering Many Services Online and via Phone.

Questions About Community Development Services

Q: Are Building Inspections continuing even when City Hall is closed?

Yes, we are doing inspections. However, we are exercising social distancing as a protective measure for our City staff. For inspections we are physically entering new construction and open spaces. For existing residential homes we are utilizing all mobile technology such as FaceTime, Skype, and photos to conduct and complete the inspections remotely.

Q: How do I schedule a Building Inspection?

To schedule an inspection email: lbinspectors@lagunabeachcity.net, call the City Request Line at (949)497-0707 or the Interactive Voice Response Request line at (866) 462-2073.

Q: Can I drop off plans even when City Hall is closed?

Yes, we have placed several secure drop-off cabinets at City Hall in front of the Community Development Department where plans and permit applications can be dropped off and picked up.

Community Development Offering Drop-Off Cabinets for Plans

Q: How can I pay for a Building Permit?

You can mail a check for payment to the City or you can drop it off in the slot on the left side of the main doors at City Hall. Be sure to include your name and the address of the project as identification. We are also accepting credit cards over the phone at (949) 497-0712.

Q: Are you still accepting new Building Permits?

Yes, however, at this time we are prioritizing permits that are already in process as well as applications for critical home and building repairs.

Q: Are you currently preparing Real Property Reports (RPR)?

Yes, the application for a Real Property Report can be found on the City’s website by clicking the link below. Please mail in (address below) or drop off the application and a check written out to the City of Laguna Beach in the mail slot next to the City Hall front doors.

Mail Real Property Reports to:

Nancy Csira, Architect/Zoning Administrator

City of Laguna Beach

505 Forest Avenue

Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Questions About Trash, Recycling and E-Waste

Q: Waste Management's Customer Service Line is down. How can I get in touch with them to replace my receptacles, or schedule a bulky pick-up?

You can contact Alexandria Gonzales, Recycling Outreach and Education Manager, on her cell phone at (657) 270-7201 or via email at agonzal3@wm.com.

Q: Where can I dispose of my e-waste? Are they open during this time?

You can call Alexandria Gonzales at the number above, or schedule a free door-to-door pickup by calling 1-800-449-7587 or at the link below.

You can also drop off E-Waste and hazardous waste at any of the County Household Hazardous Waste collection centers. Closest one is in Irvine, at 6411 Oak Canyon. Please call to check for hours of operation at (714) 834-4000.

Myth: There Is A National Lockdown And The Entire Country Will Be Quarantined For Two Weeks.

Fact: There is no national lockdown. As with all information online or shared via social media, it is important to verify the source of the information. You can find the latest information at the link below.

Myth: I Need To Stockpile As Many Groceries And Supplies As I Can.

Fact: Please only buy what your family needs for a week. Remember that many families may be unable to buy a supply of food and water for weeks in advance.

Myth: I Heard That The Government Is Sending $1,000 Checks. How Do I Sign Up?

Fact: The U.S. Government is not mailing checks in response to COVID-19 at this time. Anyone who tells you they can get you the money now is a scammer.

Myth: Only Those Over 60 Years Of Age And Those With Existing Health Problems Are At Risk From Coronavirus.

Fact: It is an unfortunate rumor that only people over 60 years of age are at risk of getting this disease. Any race, gender, ethnicity and age can contract and pass the virus on.

Myth: I need to go to the hospital if I'm experiencing any symptoms or believe I came in contact with someone carrying COVID-19

Fact: If you start experiencing symptoms, have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, call ahead before you go to your doctor's office or emergency room so they can ensure proper safety protocols are taken.

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Know someone or a senior who needs to sign up? Simply have them text 92651 to 888-777.

If You Have an Emergency, Always Dial 9-1-1.

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