Tailwind Travel 7.0 FAQs Thank you for joining the Tailwind E-bike family! Tailwind Travel 7 was developed for comfort while being out enjoying the adventures of cycling.

Safety- First and foremost is safety. An E-bike is a normal bicycle with the extra option of pedal assist. That being said, helmets are suggested if not law for all riders.

Throttle- for manually driven electric assist, the right handlebar is a throttle similar to a motorcycle. When in any mode other than 0, you can pull the throttle toward you, and pedal-assist will kick in. Mode 0 is standard bike mode so pedal assist is not engaged. Use caution with the mode and throttle, pedal-assist can be engaged from a stopped position causing the bike to engage just by having someone twist the throttle.

Changing gears- Although not necessary in any mode except 0, there are 7 gears that can be adjusted by using the shifter on the right handlebar.

Powering on or off the bike- There are 3 buttons on the display unit which are located on the left handlebar of your Travel 7. The middle button is the power button. Press and hold the power button to turn your Travel 7 on or off. If your Travel 7 display will not power on, verify that the battery is turned on. (Red switch on the right side (chain side) of the battery)

Remaining battery power- Remaining battery power can be viewed on the display unit is turned on or by pressing the button on the top of the battery itself.

Power assist modes- There are 6 pedal assist modes on your Travel 7 E-bike. On the display, you change which mode you are in by using the + and - buttons. 0 is the general bike mode. 1 through 5 are pedal-assist modes with 5 being the greatest amount of pedal-assist or least amount of work required by the rider.

Removing the battery- The battery is the most valuable component on your E-bike. There is a key so that you can remove your battery for security, ease of charging, or to keep it out of the elements. The battery does not need to be removed to be charged.

Battery charge time- You will get a full charge in about 6 hours which will enable you to get out and enjoy 30+ miles of adventure. The battery is a lithium battery. You do not need to fully drain your battery before recharging.

Front suspension- Your Travel 7 includes a suspension system within the front fork. This is for rider comfort depending on the type of surface you will be riding on. For a softer ride on rough surfaces, you may want the suspension engaged. For soft smooth trail or street rides, you may want to disengage the suspension. You engage or disengage the suspension using the blue switch on the top of the right side of the front fork.