Florida Museum of Natural History Calvin wuorinen

This exhibit about the Calusa tribe and their way of living was very interesting and did a good job of immersing me in nature. Although this exhibit was composed of synthetic plants, water, and animals, it was real enough to capture my curiosity and interest in the exhibit. For me, I think the fact that the boardwalk was surrounded by "nature" on both sides made me feel like I was really there. This choice of design was much more effective than many of the others that were one sided because it actually made the viewer feel like they were in that environment. Also, there was a soundtrack that was playing with the sounds of animals and the ocean that made me feel even more connected to the nature that was being displayed. This medium of portraying the Calusa tribe's lifestyle allowed me to get a better sense of their relationship with nature and the ocean that many other 2D exhibits wouldn't have been able to do.
Nature and Ethics

The place where I felt the most connected to nature and the most responsibility to preserve the biodiversity on this Earth was in the butterfly garden. The Florida Museum of Natural History does a good job of immersing visitors in nature through this exhibit. By surrounding visitors with beautiful plants, water, harmless moths and butterflies, and birds, the exhibit allows visitors to feel connected with the living organisms and helps them recognize that they're a part of the biotic community of this planet. It was very interesting to see the young children in this exhibit because they were so enamored with the nature and organisms around them. I was very appreciative of the parents who brought their children to this exhibit because I believe instilling the connection and sense of responsibility to preserve nature at a young age is important.

Nature and Human Spirit

Seeing the replicas of mammoths, mastodons, giant sloths, and others was very interesting to me because it showed where the human race came from. It allowed me to step out of my ordinary life because it showed me that we, as a species, are part of something bigger and are connected to all species on Earth through evolution and common ancestors. It was amazing to see these massive animals that seem so resilient to predators that all went extinct. It makes me think about our future as a species and the future of all species on this Earth and how nature will continue to develop through the coming centuries.

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