The Steam Engine By Zackary swenson

In 1698, Thomas Savery patented a steam-powered pump, which he described as an "engine."

All people could travel pretty much anywhere across the SEA or on the railroad.

People can find jobs over the country without walking and find better jobs.

"Efficient rail transportation demanded a more uniform time-keeping system."(

"Arguably the most important development of the Industrial Revolution."(

"It's common knowledge that modern civilization was forged in the factories of the industrial revolution. And these factories themselves were powered by the stem engine."(

"The true power of steam was showcased as the energy was used to pump up the water from deep within the mines."(

The change to the steam engine was in 1698. The change occurred to pump water out of coal mines, and travel around the world easier.

They were making the railroad for the steam engine to work on it.

The steam engine affected the north and the south and brought the nation closer together.

Westward expansion went better because they traveled to the wast more.


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