Foodprints is a documentary series that travels the globe as each episode tracks the journey of a single food ingredient.

Along the way, we’ll learn the surprising origins, impacts, and alternative uses behind our favorite food ingredients.

Let’s set off on an international adventure to uncover the truth behind our everyday ingredients. It’s time to connect food, people, and possibilities!


Each episode takes us on a cross border journey to discover the story behind the ingredient. Along the way, we’ll explore the ingredients uses, along with its impact on global culture, environment, and policy.

We’ll visit picturesque places, speak with leaders, activists, and experts, cook with friends, and discover new factors that are changing the game, all with a healthy sense of optimism and adventure.

An agave plant can be used to make tequila and a surfboard?


Every ingredient - big or small, popular or obscure - has a story to tell. We’ll get our hands dirty investigating the surprising impact just one simple ingredient can have on culture, the environment, and public policy. You’ll be shocked by the momentous events the food on your kitchen counter has been a part of.

The humble banana is responsible for toppling a government?


The audience will walk away from each episode not only with an understanding of the ingredient’s origins and impact, but also with a deeper appreciation for the food we consume and its role in connecting people across the globe.

We’ll place special emphasis on stories of hope and positive change. Throughout the show, you’ll learn how your buying power and decisions have the ability to make the world a better place. Together, we can give power back to the people through simple calls to action we can all get behind.

Sustainable, profitable shrimp? It’s possible.

YOUR FRIEND & HOST: Rosey Alvero

Rosey has an unquenchable curiosity for food, people, and the world. She fears half of the things she tries, but finds the courage to do them anyway. She’s up for any adventure and wants to taste the world!

Rosey has traveled, lived, and cooked all over the globe. She was born into travel and raised in the kitchen (true story - just ask!). She's the host & producer of "SoCal Wanderer", a local travel show on KCET. She's on the roster of talent with KCET and PBS SoCal and recently hosted their new "At-Home Learning" series after the impact of COVID-19 left students at home for education. To celebrate a recent series on PBS SoCal and KQED addressing Asian Americans in media, Rosey hosted a virtual panel alongside Asian American thought leaders which garnered the most viewers to date.

Rosey has worked with Vice Media and the Olympic Channel as a correspondent for food & travel centered media. She's a professionally trained chef, but credits her best recipes and skills to her family and mothers and grandmothers of her friends. Wherever she may go, she’s amongst friends or will be soon enough.

Rosey is determined to shine a light on the ways food can bring us together. Talk to her about anything and she’ll listen with grace and respect.


Let’s cross borders, experience new things, and learn from one another!

Every episode is a journey that rides your curiosity to the ends of the earth. Warning: the travel bug and a craving for adventure are sure to strike!

We’ll go well beyond farms and kitchens, getting our hands dirty as we uncover the truth behind our ingredients.


Making friends with the people driving new trends in food across the globe.

Who's making our food? Let's cook with them! Jonathan & Mieke Engelsma, Beekeepers

Who’s doing something different? How are they doing it and why? Let's meet them! Yasunao Nakayama, Activist

Who has the power? Who stands to gain the most? Let's talk to them! Vandana Shiva, Activist

Who's suffering? Why? How? Let's investigate! Guro Skare, Writer

Who's the game changer? Let's find out! Project Sea Dragon


Zoom in - zoom out transitions, vensition, rotation, whip-pan: these state of the art cinematic techniques seamlessly transport you from one location to another, keeping your curiosity engaged at every turn. Split screen VFX will make you feel like you’re at two places at once!

The approach will inject freshness to the documentary format while staying true to vertité style. Educational docs can be fun and hip too!


Yes, it's a food documentary, but that doesn’t mean the sound can’t push the envelope.

Foodprints will have a unique and international sound all its own, a global rock-n-roll of the future. Think Daft Punk* meets Tame Impala* meets Fela Kuti*.

We’ll carefully curate the music of each location, contributing to a signature Foodprints sound.

You can’t predict where the episode’s going, but you’re up for the adventure and have already added our soundtrack on Spotify*.

*Click links for music samples


How far does this road go? How many ingredients can we explore? The possibilities are endless.

Every ingredient has a story. Not only that, but the way people think about food is changing. Foodprints has an opportunity to be at the forefront of a movement.

The show’s appeal can cross borders, winning hearts and minds while feeding appetites one ingredient at a time. If you eat food, this show is for you!