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One of the best investments you can make for your business is to personalize your brand with a quality headshot. A professionally crafted headshot will convey who you are with integrity, confidence and approachability.

Your headshot might be your first connection to someone, your first impression. A well crafted headshot should make people want to meet you and work with you.

My name is Sonny Portacio and I specialize in headshot photography and am dedicated to making your first impression count. I’ve created gorgeous headshots for business, professional, personal, acting and promotional uses.

I’ll work with you to make your headshot stand out in a crowd. I like to work in a relaxed, easy-going style which always makes for great looking, professional headshots!

I use the best equipment to craft gorgeous, high quality images. A quick turn-around time is one of my highest priorities. You’ll see your images FAST! I’ll give you private access to an online gallery where you can view and select your images.

I can come to YOUR location and provide a portable headshot studio with backdrop and lighting. I can shoot at indoor / outdoor locations depending on the image you’d like to create.

  • Professional Grade, Handcrafted Headshots
  • Prompt Communication
  • Fast, Fabled Service
  • Mobile: I can come to your location!

Only HALF of my work in crafting a polished image is during the photo-session / “capture” phase. A critical part of image crafting is skillfully post-processing (retouching) the image in a tasteful way that enhances the image without “over-doing” it.

I balance the color, improve skin texture, minimize blemishes, whiten teeth and enhance the eyes in addition to numerous other minute details that all contribute to a polished, professional final piece.

If you are in need of your first headshot or an updated headshot, contact me today to invest in one you’ll be proud of.

Don’t settle for a snapshot. Invest in yourself.

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