One Year From Now Be a better student

I wanna be a better student in the near future because right now I could improve on my grades. I'm a very bright student just a really lazy one and a huge procrastinator.

I want to start my own YouTube channel within a year tops. Gaming is what i am best at so I would love to make money doing just that.

I would like to start working as soon as possible. If I can I would like to start working out or at least getting into shape within a year at most.

I would like to start streaming myself play video games. I play games everyday so it would be nice if I could make money by just playing games that I like to play.

3 Years From Now

I want to see Glendale Glitters because it is probably one of the biggest light shows in Arizona.

I want to be a big streamer within 3 years. So i can get money off me just playing video games.

I want my own nice car that is affordable because I would like to be able to drive myself wherever I want to go.

I want to start my own meme page because memes are what I live for.

5 Years From Now

I want to be a professional gamer within 5 years because I have been playing games my entire life. I would like to travel to different places just playing video games while making money at the same time.

I would like to be a big youtuber in the future because just doing what I want and making people happy to watch me just be me.

I would like to go to Reno Nevada because it looks like a lot of fun and I have never been out of this state so seeing something would be nice.

I would like to crate my own video game and have it be a big hit. I have always wanted to create one so I hope in the near future I will be able to.

10 Years From Now

I would like to live in Japan when i get older. Japan seems like a really fun place to be and a lot of new things to try out.

I would like to have my own house with a built in pool. It would be really nice to have a nice house and I could brag to all my friends that my house is better than theirs.

France would be a really cool place to go to. I would like to go here for the sight seeing, the food and other things that I could find when I'm there.

Going to an Anime Creation Studio would be really cool because I have always been a huge fan of anime ever since I was a kid.

That last picture concludes my presentation of a good portion of my life goals that I want to complete before I die. Completing all of my goals would be probably the best thing I could ask for in life.

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