Happy Sunday Funday Happenings Around Campus for the Week of January 30th

Palm Valley Wish you Wells....
  • Continue to keep Laura Whelpley's grandfather in your Wish You Well's....
  • Courtney Barrett - Update: She is expected to return to work tomorrow, which is awesome! They are still waiting on more answers be continuing to think and pray for her.
  • Sarah Williams husband was diagnosed with MS this past week, please continue to think of them during this time.
Palm Valley Celebrations!
  • The beautiful mural for Skyler is complete.. (Look down further for more information)
  • Dominik Johnson(Brown), Jr Smith(Brown), Josie Pena Carrizales (Townes), Parker Milum(Reilly) and Annie Campbell(Brown) are moving up from Level 1 on Survey to Level 2!are also moving up from Level 1 on DIBELS Survey, to Level 2. Noah Jiron from Mrs. Brown's class also moved from Level 1 on Survey to Level 2
  • The district list for MOWR came out...currently only ONE student is on the list. They look at multiple data points to determine who may need to be retained and there is only ONE student on it! This starts with our amazing foundation for kids! Keep up the great work Kinder, 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade teachers!
  • I'm keeping the Blue Ribbon Nomination on here...cause well...it's awesome and now we are going to need some Wish You Wells as we start the process!
  • Please let me know if you have a Wish you Well or Celebration to add!
Birthday's Coming Up
  • February 5th Charles Usher
  • February 13th Terrie Sievewright
  • February 14th Cameron Carter
  • February 18th Karina Kharoufeh
  • February 23rd Ashley Disbennet
  • Alison is out at training all day
  • 3rd Grade PE Testing
  • 4th Grade Science Testing
  • Midterm Window Opens today
  • Alison is out at training all day
  • Jen is off campus for a few hours in the morning at DO
  • 3rd Grade PE Testing
  • 4th Grade Science Testing
  • Fundations Walk Throughs in Kindergarten
  • 3rd Grade PE Testing
  • 4th Grade Science Testing
  • Teacher Preview Breakfast at Book Fair at 7am
  • Book Fair Begins
  • Early Release for Parent Teaching Conferences, 12:25 release
  • PLC's with Kelly Bailey... only need to attend if you have ILLP's.
  • ANNUAL LESD JOB FAIR at Barbara Robey Elementary from 9am to 12pm
Skyler Goodwin's Memorial Wall...

Thank you so much to the time, talents and treasures that Airan and Chloene put in to make this dream become a reality. They worked tirelessly along with Sarah Williams to make this happen. If you haven't seen it you can find this along the Kindergarten wall near Mrs. Rea's classroom. It absolutely speaks volumes to the love our campus shows to all children! The art work was completed by Airan and Chloene, The butterflies were created by students, the quote was found by Sarah Williams... absolutely breathtaking, thank you all! Skyler's parents are going to come to visit on


After School Classes

Please make sure you are walking your students to the After School Clubs. We had little ones in the Green Room when there were no adults present on Yoga Day. Make sure that a teacher is walking the students...this could be the same teacher that also takes Extended Day.

Speaking of Yoga: They will be meeting their teacher at the outside Ramp of Kelly's door.


The Staff Workout winner is Andrea Bianchi!!

Staff workouts now begin at 3:00 pm in the green room.

February Workout Schedule:

  • Weds 2/1
  • Weds 2/8
  • Mon 2/13
  • Tues 2/21


Parent Conferences are FRIDAY! If you have not reached out to parents of students you have academic and/or behavior concerns, You need to do so now! You do not need to meet with all parents during this conference time only those that you have specific concerns about or if the parent requests to meet with you. Lisa, Katie, Alison and I can attend conferences if you would like us to. Please just get in touch with one of us and we would be happy to meet with you and the parents.

Remember if you are looking at retention (the paperwork already needed to be completed) this is the time you create goals that the child needs to meet to be successful and possibly move up.


Last week you probably talked about Self Control. This week I have added How to Join in a Group. It seems a lot of the issues we have on the playground is Joining in a Group correctly. How do we go about asking to be apart of something. It's funny, because kids are not the only ones who might have issues with this. I have watched adults struggle with this too..especially if they were never taught how to join a group correctly!


Our District Job Fair is February 4th...let your friends know if they are interested in working for LESD!

Pass on to anyone who is interesting in joining the LESD Family!
FREE Parenting Class sponsored by LESD. We will have copies available for you to hand out during Conferences!
  • February 2nd - Book Fair Opens
  • February 2nd - Teacher Preview, 7am
  • February 3rd - Early Release
  • February 3rd - Parent Teacher Conference
  • February 4th - LESD Job Fair at BBR
  • February 6th - 11th - Book Fair Continues
  • February 6th - Blue Ribbon Planning Meeting in the library after school
  • February 7th - Future Schools Project Judging Completed
  • February 10th - PBIS Book Study on Chapter 7
  • February 10th - Hotdog and Hamburger Cook Out
  • February 10th & 11th - Litchfield Park Centennial Celebration
  • February 11th - PTO Sponsored VIP Dance
  • February 13th - Secondary Observers Meeting after School
  • February 15th - K & 1st Presentation by Hilgers
  • February 16th - TA and Honors Applications go Live
  • February 17th - No School, Teacher In Service Day
  • February 20th - No School, Presidents' Day
  • February 21st - PTO Meeting, 6pm in the library
  • February 22nd - Thunderbird Council
  • February 24th - Patriotic Assembly - 8am
  • February 24th - Drama Performance during Assembly
  • February 24th - Early Release, 12:25pm
  • February 24th - RTI PLC
  • February 27th - Career Ladder Meeting, #5
  • February 28th & March 1st - NAEP Testing, Media Center will be Closed
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