Kite Runner Playlist

The whole book is built on the idea that Amir is jealous of Hassan and the attention that Amir’s dad gives to Hassan.

This song relates to the whole book really because Amir is only concerned about himself and how things that happen will effect and impact his life.

In the time just before the rape occurs, Amir has the option to help, or the option to run. He chooses to run and he definitely lets Hassan down.

Kanye West loves himself more than anyone I’ve ever encountered, and he would do anything to protect himself over others much like Amir in the book.

The middle section of the novel is when Amir gets married, something I never thought he would do simply because of his personality.

This relates to the part of the book when Baba dies, a sort of turning point for Amir because his whole life has consisted of trying to please Baba and now he doesn’t This to do that anymore.

This song relates to when Amir and Soraya find out they can’t have kids. They both really wanted kids, and finding out they can’t have them is comparable to losing a piece of themselves. They spend some time mourning what will never be for them.

This song is about Pink losing a friend before she should’ve, which is the premise of Amir and Soraya not being able to have kids. They are mourning the loss of what they never were able to experience.

This song relates to when Amir goes home for the first time in a while, the emotions he has towards returning home and really going back to everything he tried so hard to run away from.

This song relates to Hassan's son Sohrab. Sohrab is treated as a sex slave as well as a normal slave by Assef and his accomplices. However, he survives and is stronger because of what he went through.

This song relates to Sohrab's suicide attempt. The song talks about burying someone who dies when they are too young, and this was almost a reality for Sohrab.

The background music to this song is used in this season of American Horror Story, when one of the characters puts on a mask and rapes girls. He is essentially using the girls as sex slaves, much as Assef does to Sohrab,

Me, Myself and I (G-Eazy)-Chapter 9

Sample Lyrics: Oh, it's just me myself and I Solo ride until I die Cause I got me for life Oh I don't need a hand to hold Even when the night is cold I got that fire in my soul

Explanation: These lyrics perfectly demonstrate Amir in the novel. He shows us time and time again that he is only worried about himself, and keeping himself safe. He doesn't care what happens to anyone else as long as he is safe.

See You Again (Wiz Kahlifa)-Chapter 13

Lyrics: It's been a long day without you, my friend And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again We've come a long way from where we began Oh, and I'll tell you all about it when. I see you again When I see you again

Explanation: Baba passing away is a pivotal moment in the novel for Amir. His whole life, and the book up until this point has consisted of him doing everything to please Baba. With Baba's death, he is now stranded and has to relearn how to live in a way that's not just to please his dad.

Fight Song (Rachel Platten)-Chapter 25

Lyrics: And all those things I didn't say Wrecking balls inside my brain I will scream them loud tonight Can you hear my voice this time?

Explanation: This relates to another pivotal moment in the book-when Sohrab attempts suicide. This is a huge scene in the book, Amir is finally doing something decent(trying his best to adopt Sohrab), and then he find Sohrab passed out on the bathroom floor. This song shows that after everything Sohrab has been through in his short life, he shouldn't give up fighting.

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