Mumbai Alumni Chapter Newsletter #2

Dear Alumni

Hope you all are doing well!

As we begin the last month of 2016, I wanted to share with you all some of the updates from the last few months and launch new initiatives to foster collaboration, support each other and support our kids. At beginning of the year we started with Back to School Program, Alumni Fellow Mentorship Program and School Leadership Track. We have some exciting progress on some of these programs.

School Leadership Track

Teach For India's experience in the past 7 years and extensive external research suggests that School Leadership is one of those key levers in a school system that has the potential to drive disproportionate impact on learning outcomes of students. Therefore, the School Leadership Track is being designed by the Mumbai team in partnership with organizations such as Akanksha, The American School of Bombay, Adhyayan, and the Shishuvan school with the objective of equipping a group of 23 Fellows and Alumni with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets needed to take up roles of school leadership in low-cost govt and private schools in the city. The first workshop for this group kicked off on Sept 25 with a deep-dive into different educational philosophies and perspectives on school leadership and we completed a second workshop on 5th & 6th Nov with a focus on the holistic development of children and how teachers and school principals can create a school culture to support this.

In addition to this track and as a complement to it, we are also in conversations with several low-income private and govt schools to open up positions of School Leadership for the participants and we have already secured 12 such positions (10 pvt + ​2 govt) of which we are very excited about.

We will be opening these positions of School Leadership to the whole network in January. If you are excited about exploring this as a career and want to know more, please do email/ call me or Venil Ali.

Career Fair for our students

As you all are aware, close to 460 of our kids are appearing for Board exams this year. All stakeholders are working very hard for them in various ways to ensure they pass with flying colors. The Program team and Fellows are ensuring that they are prepared for the exams, the College Admission Committee is ensuring we have all the research needed with respect to colleges and their admission processes. Now is the time when the kids need more vision of excellence, motivation and inspiration. They need to be exposed with various career options that exists to broaden their understanding and options. This is the time when need more hands on deck to come together and support our kids.

We are planning to organize a Career Fair in the month of January and our very excited about it. We would like your help with brainstorming on what this career fair could look like, organizing it and getting the best people for the kids.

If you are interested in helping us with this fair, please fill the form above latest by 12th Dec EOD.


Over the years, we have asked these questions in multiple ways to each other, very rarely utilizing the depth and breadth of the network present around us. Often when I have reached out to you guys to support Fellows, I have got a great response. So now we are bringing in a structure through which we will facilitate Alumni supporting Alumni.

How is this going to work?

You are required to fill in the form below, where you let me know the expertise you have in your work field, the knowledge that you have gathered over the years and skills (Hard + Soft Skills) that you have learnt. At the same you can also tell us if there is something you want to learn more on. For example, more often than not we are required to look at data and analyze it but lack the skill. Through this program, you will be connected with someone who knows to analyze data. This will be an on-going campaign, included in all the newsletters that I role out from here on.

If you wish to sign up for this campaign please fill up the form below. You can either offer or seek or sign up for both.

This is first of kind campaign that I am starting, based on few suggestions from the network itself. I would appreciate suggestions to strengthen the structure in anyway.

Corporator Role

The MCGM Corporator Role is something we are extremely excited to explore as a strong career prospect for our Fellows and Alumni.

Over the years, we have been trying to find that one organization, one role to work directly with community to foster its development and bring about meaningful engagement within. Year on year we have been struggling to solve the same problems of poor infrastructure in schools, passive parent engagement, lack of women empowerment in the community, domestic & communal violence, types of abuse and many more, all of which hampers Child Development.

The Corporator Role although fitting role perfectly with our requirements, has not been explored enough. Therefore we have been researching a lot about the role, what are the different aspects of it and how can we crack it. We came across a lot of exciting and surprising findings about the role and how important the role is to uplift the community. The 2017 Elections are coming soon! And we are hoping to have a few candidates representing the people and guiding in a better direction. We are all excited to rally behind the candidate.

Here are more details about the role and Here are the ward boundaries and details of those wards.

If you are interested in knowing more of the role even if only to explore, to understand what is our thinking behind rallying for the role, please reach out to the following people:

Rahul Gondane, Government & School Relations Lead: or Venil Ali, City Director: or myself.

Highlights from the past few months!

Alumni Fellow Mentorship Program: 25 odd Alumni have forward to help our 27 Fellows by mentoring them and helping them with their Post Fellowship Journey. Like last year, we got high participation leading to meaningful engagement between Alumni and Fellows.

MAYA - Student Leadership: Last month, 40 odd kids from the Maya 2.0 Track came together for a retreat.The theme of our retreat was 'Telling Untold Stories'. Through the 5 days the kids experienced the beauty of stories and how the greatest storytellers have the power to shift things about the way their audience perceives the world. In one of the experience, they had to interact with people living under the flyovers, interview them and make a short film out of it. One group of kids were taken to an orphanage to interact with the kids over there. At the end of the retreat, the Maya kids performed monologues on the stories of the orphanage kids. You can see both the Short Film, Nirasha and the Monologue below.

I am looking forward to collecting stories of collective action in any small way. If you have such a story, please do let me know. We can use this space to connect with each other and share our stories.

I will be writing to you all again in two weeks with more updates from the initiatives launched in the email, stories of us and more. If you have any suggestions or feedback do let me know about it.

That's all for now folks!




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