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Other Important Events at the Time

  • Neumann lived from 1811 to 1860
  • War of 1812
  • Underground Railroad established in 1930
  • Civil war in 1861


  • Went to schoool in Bohemia until 1835
  • After being denied to be ordained a priest in Bohemia, he immigrated to New York in June 1836 and became a priest in the New York diocese
  • On February 5, 1852 he was promoted to Bishop of Philedelphia
  • Set up many parishes to support immagrants
  • Became the first bishop to organize a system of Catholic schools, building 200 Catholic schools in his diocese

Road to Becoming a Saint

  • Declared venerable by Pope Benedict XVI in 1921
  • An Italian girl is cured of acute peritonitis in May 1923, and it was said she was beyond medical help. A teacher at the school she attended prayed to Bishop Neumann and touched her with a picture of him. That night the sickness disappeared
  • Doctors found in July 1963 that a six year old had a lethal bone cancer and had six months to live. The boy was taken to bishop Neumann's shrine several times, and soon the cancer went into remission and he was cured
  • Beatified by Pope Paul VI during the Second Vatican Council on October 13, 1963
  • Canonized by Pope Paul VI on June 19, 1977

Feast Day

His feast day is January 5th because it is the day he died

Patron Saint

Patron saint of Catholic education because he was the first bishop to develop a diocesan school system to teach children under the Catholic faith.

Interesting Fact

By the time he was 24 years old, Neumann knew six different languages


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