Carving by:Trinity w.

I picked this logo because it says Jesus in the form of a cross.I also picked this becuase I liked this and I believe in Jesus and its a creative picture. I got this idea from myself because as I said I beleive in Jesus and I just wanted to do this. I searched to find this picture Jesus cross because I just wanted a cross, but that popped up and I liked it.

I had to prepare alot of things for this project. First, I had to look for a picture. Then, I had to go on easel. Next, I had to change all the materials,sizes, brushes, and textures. After, I did that I had to put in the picture and cropit so it fits. After, I had to change it to 3/16 to see the red lines. Then, I changed it to 1/16 and pressed simulate to see how long it would take and then I had to carve it.

First, you have to put the carving block in the machine. Then, I had to tighten the block so it doesn't move. Then, I had to close the machine and click carve. Next, I had to wait till it was done. Then, I opened the machine and I had to vacume all the parts. Finnaly, I closed the machne and Iwas done. Some parts were unexpected because I thought some of the parts were going to mess up because of the way the machine worked. I learned that this project requires patients and creativity.

I really liked the way my carving turned out. It turned out the way I wanted it to turn out. I balanced it correctly because it all fit and it turned out the way I wanted it to. I'm most proud of the ending result because I didnt know it was going to turn out that way. I dont think I can improve anything except how slow I did it. I know I have to be focused but I was talking alot during this project. The most interesting part was watching it caeved because it was a fun experience and I didn't know how it was going to move. Overall, I love the ending result of my project and I think I did good.

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