Moving Along ShinkAnsen rail to kyoto

We are moving along to Kyoto via the world famous bullet train. Japan Railways Shinkansen 700 Train.

We have a Green Car pass which is like business class on a plane. Big seats and very comfortable ride.. top speed is at 168 mph.

Took a local train to Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine. It is known for its meditation paths lined in orange pillars going up to a hill top.

Walked out of the Shrine area with a blizzard of small food vendors. We ended at a very small indoor sit down noodle restaurant. Again, pick the best looking picture and see what you get. Good choices so far. Went walking around and ended back at the Train Station. Central Kyoto is very dated in architecture. Yet tries to have a modern look in some of its structures, like the train station.

We did plan on getting to at least two other Shrines on this day walking tour, but there was enough walking at this one Shrine up hills to make up for it. Memorable to say the least.

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