peeta mellark by Cassie

I just got stabbed by cato who was part of the careers with me #helpineedmedicine

I guess I should tell say stuff about me shouldn't I? well I'm 17 years old from district twelve. My district twelve is nicknamed the seam for it to be crawling with coal miners separating the woods and the meadow is a high chain linked fence topped by barbed wire I guess they don't want us escaping but it doesn't matter the capitol would find us anyways

coal! coal! and what do you know more coal!

To catch up what has happened in the last few hours or days I cant even remember. But I still think I made the right choice of joining the careers even though I just got stabbed in the leg by cato. It was for a good cause it was to keep Katniss safe I don't care if it means sacrificing myself in the process even if I did get a good couple slashes on cato it doesn't matter not anymore anyways. I'm still too overwhelmed by shock by what happened, I'm still surprised camouflaging myself in mud actually worked I guess hours of icing cakes really paid off.

things that I enjoy doing is baking even sometimes the occasional hunting


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