Mysterious man By: Guadalupe Martinez

Caroline, caring much about her job was determined to catch the mystery man who has been stalking her mother for the past several days. She saw how this man was being discrete about the stalking, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. Things were about to be unfolded with this mysterious stalker that she was not ready for.

This man was quite odd looking especially with his mischievous behavior and smile. This man was no ordinary man and Caroline was sure of it. Things did not stop getting weirder after that. Later that night she heard footsteps faintly outside of her house, but she assumed it was her dog outside making noise. Once the noise started getting louder, she knew something was wrong. Slowly and steadily, walking outside she saw a man with a black hoodie and dark hair run pass her eyes. This man seemed to be older much older than her but about the same age as her mother. Not expecting this, she locked her doors and turned on her security alarms. She soon fell asleep but she knew what she had in mind about dealing with this matter.

When she notices that this “stalker” is getting out of hand she decides to search some information on this man. Since she did pretty well at remembering faces she had an idea of what this man looked like. A couple hours later with no luck on getting information about this man, she knew she had to keep on searching. She decided to go to her mother’s house to talk to her about this incident. Unexpectedly as soon as she walked in the house, she heard a voice that did not sound like her mother. The voice said, “I just wanted to see you i hadn't..” the voice cut off. Carolines mother interrupted saying “No, you have to leave I don't want to see you anywhere near me and my daughter. Whatever problems you had with my husband are in the past since he is no longer here,” she explained. Quickly, Caroline moved from the window and hid behind a bush. She was shocked that her mother had not told her about this. She didn’t want to let her mother know that she knew the truth, so she decides to do a little more investigating before confronting her about it. The following morning, after much research and discussing with quite a few people, she found out that this man was a police officer like his father and they were partners. They went to highschool together and seemed to be good friends. Caroline was shocked by this information, so she went to the police station and asked for a man named Frank Smith, since that was the name of the mysterious man. They had no record of him working there anymore. Once getting some information on the lady who was at the front desk, she had told her that he was in a really bad accident that nearly killed him. He wasn’t able to go back to work since he was brain damaged pretty badly. Later that evening as Caroline approached her vehicle she felt a hand on her shoulder that made her turn around quickly. She saw his grey eyes, black hair, tall, and a few gray hairs. “Hel-lo,” the man spoke with a shaky voice.

“You’re the man that has been following me and my mother around. I know who you are, but i want to know why you’re here, and I want to know now,” Caroline exclaimed. “I can explain,” the man said. I was friends with your mother and I i know she never told you this but it’s better you know now.” “Know what,” she asked. “That I’m your father,” he said. Caroline could not believe what she had just heard and was not convinced that this information was factual. This man could not be my father, she thought. He looks nothing like me. Not believing her eyes, she walked away from the man not saying another word. My mother could not have kept this from me, she thought to herself. Processing all this information, she knew what she had to do and that was to talk with her mother.

Prologue: “Mystery man”

“Mother,” caroline said. “It’s time to explain to me what’s really going on.” Andrea, Caroline's mother, sighed and said, “He was a friend of your fathers they were really good friends for the longest time until they got in a huge argument.”. “What was the argument about,” asked Caroline. “It was about me, your father was getting jealous,” Andrea exclaimed. “After your father passed away because of his heart attack, he never forgave himself since he never got a chance to resolve conflicts with him. That is all I know, but I hear he has a family and maybe you could get more information with them.” “Why did this man say he was my father then?,” Caroline said. “He’s brain damaged, his accident scarred him in a major way,” her mother said.”

Later that night, however, she went to his family’s home and asked if she would be allowed to speak to them. The family had agreed to the preposition and sat down and talked with Caroline. They explained to her how her father’s death really impacted his life and how it took a toll on him. They explained how one night he was completely unsober and had wrecked. Ever since that incident nothing was the same for their family anymore. Knowing all of this, Caroline felt pitty for them and decided not to press any charges against them. She realized that this man in fact did need much help and asked them if he was getting any help. They replied with “Yes, he has been getting treatment and going to therapy, but he had gone missing the last couple days which made us extremely worried.

The last few days they had spent looking for this man, and finally they had found him. Cold and frightened he had nearly completely lost his mind. The family had no idea what to do, but they knew that whatever happened to him would be for the best.

The End


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