MR. Nilssons attempt to Understand After Effects basics

Lesson 1

This is the first session with Graphics Effect for Educators. Great exercise to begin with. I was pretty lame on the tweak level, don't know if its allowed ;-)

Lesson 2

Second lesson! - Motion tracking! - Really, was it as simple as that?

Lesson 3

Really cool color filter, easy applied + great result = I like. Motion tracking to align movement of camera, slick! - Simple and great to get a grip around. Less shaky!

Lesson 4

A pretty lame attempt! - Lack of fantasy and computer power made the fly through clouds effects pretty dull. BUT, I now know how to use effect. GREAT!


Final exercise!!! - Mission complete! Couldn't resist to add somewhat different, and it came with a soundscape as well. Difficult to sync barrel and fighters.

Created By
Magnus Nilsson

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