Reflective Journal Week 4 Week commencing 03/04/2017

Monday: I have tasked myself today to draw some basic concepts for an enemy for our game. I think they will be suitable for our game but it will be difficult to increase the size so they are more visible. In future projects I will try to start my concepts on larger canvas's so I will not need to readjust them. I will also need to draw the side view of each enemy which I have been struggling with due to the shape of each sprite which would make drawing the side difficult as I am not to good at drawing custom sprites.

Thursday: Today I have started a concept sprite for the character Animus Veale who is a Elemental/ Mechanical mechanical golem. I have created the arms, torso and head but I have been struggling with creating the legs as it is difficult to get them to match.

I have managed to create the legs I used the marquee tool to select the leg I drew and copied it and then flipped it so it would fit on the other side of the sprite. Next I will add more detail by adding shading.

Friday: Today I have added some shading to Animus Veale but I need to to draw a hand sketched version before continuing this version. Brandon will be tasked with drawing some rough sketches of our characters.

I have started a Games Design Document that Brandon and I will be working on to develop the story and talk about the mechanics of our game. We will be doing this on google docs as we will both be able to work on it at the same time and while we are at home. This will help us create some unique game mechanics for our game and will further develop the story of our game.

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