PIZZA NAPOLETANA The search for the perfect slice

For purists, the signature look of classic, traditional wood fired pizza is marked by what is labled "leoparding." This term describes the black bubbles that form on the crusts of pizzas in the middle of a bake as oxygen begins to escape.
Another signature look of wood fired pizza is the practice of cracking raw eggs on pizza. When baked correctly, the eggs provide delicious yoke that can be soaked up by the crust.
Some ovens pizzaiolos prefer to place their wood piles on the left, others on the right. Some even position theirs in the far back part of an oven. This is all personal preference and can change the look and feel of pizza, depending on who is cooking of course.
The important thing to remember is that wood fired pizza should always be cooked with the passion and love the dish commands and deserves.

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