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The Center Grove Theatre Department's production of Into the Woods opens in less than a month away. And while the cast of the show is incredibly busy getting prepared, the behind-the-scenes crew is also hustling to be ready for opening night. There are several different areas that crew members can work in. Here's a guide to them.


While it is one of the lesser known parts of the crew, the advertising department does a lot to make sure the show is a success. They handle all of the publicity and budgeting for the production. Mya Whitis ‘20 says “Advertising is basically a small group of people who work together to showcase the show and really bring people down to appreciate the hard work everyone puts in.” This is Whitis’s first year in the department and it’s helped her express her artistic side, working on t-shirt and poster designs. She recommends Advertising for anyone who wants to help, but doesn't know where they fit. “I think Advertising is a good group for people to reach out to. It’s a small group of people that become passionate about something and really involve somebody else in something big.” And of course one of the best parts of working on the show is opening night. “I'm really looking forward to seeing it and saying I was apart of this. I didn't sing and I didn't act but I helped set this up, I brought these people here, I created what I'm looking at" Whitis said.


While set design creates the setting, costumes often set the character. With many different types of styles it can be hard to choose just one. “We definitely want to stay true to the time period but also have that whimsical effect so we're trying to integrate those together” says Idiatou Barry ‘21. Creating outfits for every character that fits in those styles takes a lot of students. “As a group, we each have a really important role. There's some people that are artists, there's some people that are good at sewing, there's some that are good at hair and makeup. Some people that are just here for ideas and making spreadsheets and we need all of that" Emma Red ‘20 said.

set design

A musicals set design is very important to the show because it, quite literally, sets the stage for the entire performance. And with a show like Into the Woods, which has many different locations, it can be difficult creating everything. Rosa Reinhard’s ‘21 worked on sets in middle school, but this is her first year helping with a high school show. Reinhard likes that she’s able to do more this year. She says “There's sponsors and other people leading it but it's also really student made. They're there to help guide us and help us not fail but what's different is that we’re really doing something instead of the parents just coming in and doing all the big projects.” .. “I like the forest themes, I like to make virtual into reality, if that makes sense. Phillip Grinsell ‘21 said he is excited to see the show, “just to see if it goes well and if people like it.”

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