June 2019 Gateway District

Dutch Oven Cook-off June 6th

Bring your Best!

Dutch oven cooking is a staple of every Scout's recipe line up, and we want you to bring your best. Join us at our Annual Dutch Oven Cook-off and show off your lil bit of cast iron, smoldering coal TALENT.

Bonus Fun: Pie a Pro! Want to give the Pros a pie? we'll be selling Pies for $5 each at the Cook off, so swing on by! (No preorders, sorry be there or be square)

Ralston Recreation Area- Cooking begins 6PM, Judging at 7:15PM

Hamburger and Hotdogs provided!


Webelos Weekend!

Thanks to all who came out for the 43rd Gateway Webelos Weekend!


Key 3 Korner

Cubs- Fall Recruitment Season!

How do we keep a vibrant Scouting program? More Scouts having Fun!

The Scouting movement starts at Cubs and we want to make your Fall Recruitment the best it can be! Watch the training and let us know how we can help!

Put the Outing in Scouting- Summer Adventure Ambassadors

Is your Pack, Troop, or Crew headed out for an awesome Summer? We want to know how cool it is!

Submit your stories, pictures, and videos to talia.peterson@scouting.org



Council Camporee Coming Sept. 2019

It’s an event that only happens every four years! So set your countdown timers and get ready to #BLASTOFFDAC!

Denver Area Council is excited to announce the return of the premier camping event for all Scouts, Scouters, and their family members featuring a weekend of Scouting FUN at beautiful Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch.

It’s a Jamboree-Like Experience – Refreshed for 2019!

Instead of Patches, we're trading Pins! Collect all you can, and trade for the coolest ones!

Professional's Pause

A Scout is Kind.

' Scout is kind. A Scout understands hat there is strength in being gentle.'

Lately I've been immersed in Leadership theory. In training and literature the concepts and practices of a great leader have been a fascination recently.

Kindness, seems to be one of the most important qualities in a leader that inspires loyalty in their followers. Kindness not always in words, but in attitude. In working with others with an open and honest heart, a compassion for the people and the team in growth, and passion, and valuing the humanity of their followers.

There is a strength in compassion, a power in gentle understanding, and an inspiration in holding Kindness in your heart. But most importantly, it is kindness others see in you that can make you a Leader.


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