Emphysema Ethan Wilcox and Owen Bardin

Emphysema is a disease which gradually damages your alveoli in your lungs, this makes a person with emphysema have a shortness in breath. This disease is also apart the CODC, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Causes: Tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke, air pollution, and manufacturing fumes


Signs/Symptoms: The main symptom of emphysema is shortness of breath. If someone can't climb stairs because they are struggling to breath then they most likely have emphysema. Also if you are not mentally alert and your lips or fingernails turn blue or gray with exertion.

Man with Shortness of Breath


  1. Medications: Bronchodilators, Inhaled steroids, and antibiotics
  2. Therapy: Pulmonary rehabilitation, nutrition therapy, and supplemental oxygen
  3. Surgery: Lung volume reduction surgery and lung transplant
Inhaler for Emphysema

Prevention: The best way to prevent emphysema is to not smoke and stay away from heavily polluted areas like factories.

Cigarette with an X Through It

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