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Photo: Fall in Portland -John Tucker.


This is the second year that SOAK, LLC has offered Fall Art Grants. Grant funds are supported in full by ticket sales to Portland's Decompression event, BurnOut. We hope to continue the tradition with the transition to the new org, Precipitation NW, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

These small grants are meant to inspire art created within the bustling Oregon Burner community. They are to also to help foster relationships that bring art of any magnitude to the broader community, public spaces, and educational settings.

Grants are for funding art projects and artistic infrastructure (building of a public stage, camera equipment, welding supplies...etc). Grants do not fund performances or performers, theme camp activities, and camp decor (such as lighting a your camp, bars, funding to buy sound equipment, etc.).


Shadowdancer - Roy "The Wiz" Trammell

"Shadowdancer is a highly interactive installation at the intersection of technology and art. 50 watt color led arrays cast a shifting overlay of pastel dancer's silhouettes on an unusual rear-projection screen. Sometimes they are real people, sometimes just cutouts. At a kiosk, visitors can play with a touch screen to make their own creations of colored light and shadow. When left alone, it will make its own creations. A path behind the screen invites them to participate from the other side. This will be the first stage of a three part evolution, appearing in larger and more developed forms at next year's regionals and the big burn, as time and resources permit."

Grant proceeds help with: "Electronic and structural parts and supplies. See attached spreadsheet. Decomp will be a springboard for more developed stages at Soak, Critical NW, and Burning Man itself."

Ambassadors Escape Room 10 Principles Challenge - Tajsha "Touchy" Carlson

"Ambassadors would like to build a mock BurningMan/SOAK style camp and have the 10 principles hidden/locked inside the camp. Participants will solve clues to earn rewards, and search for principles to escape the camp and "go to BurnOut/Burning Man". A spin on the traditional theme camp, this activity escape room is both educational and entertaining."

Grant proceeds help with: "Materials: Wood laser cutting of the 10 principle words Laser rates are $2.50/minute. Each word takes about 3 minutes. 3 min x 10 words = 30 min. 30 mins x $2.50 = $75 All laser jobs include a $10 file set-up fee. $85 for principle wood cookies. Paper and printing cost of the escape directions/clues. Combo lock, key lock, duct tape, lights, zip ties, scissors and escape room sign."

Fly Fast - Rachel "Fertile Babe” Babener

"This art was brought to playa in 2016 as one of the pods of the Flocon Honorarium art project. It was created in the spirit of a burner who died this past year speed flying in the Swiss Alps. The art piece is two 4 foot metal feathers with laser cut detail that are welded to foot long steel rods. The steel rods are then inserted in to a 8 foot tall rounded metal hanger. The feathers rotate with a push and are highly interactive as the ball bearing allows the feathers to spin very fast with little effort."

Grant proceeds help with: "We will able to purchase lighting for our already built art project."

The Head of Mechan 9 - Tyle "Guyler" FuQua

"The head of Mechan 9 is about 5' tall and 7' wide and made of rusty steel. It has super bright spotlights shooting out of it's eyes and has a flashing red beacon on the top of it's antenna. It's mouth is partially open. On the side of it's head is a hatch with an illuminated question mark on it. Open the hatch and you will find stickers inside that have a decoder on it. Next to the hatch is a plaque that says: "Decode the mystery of Mechan 9" and then below that is some strange text. The decoder sticker will allow you to translate the text. This takes you on a scavenger hunt that will answer some key questions such as "Why is destroyed?"' and most importantly of all, "Who built it?." The hunt clues (in the form of robot signs) can be customized for any event. The robot was built completely for Burning Man but just having the head is an art piece all on its own."

Grant proceeds help with: "I would like to modify my 2016 Burning Man Honorarium Art Project, Mechan 9, so that we can bring just the head to various events. The head is much easier to transport alone (even though it is the heaviest piece.) The head has the hatch which has the secret decoder inside, which allows the art project to be very interactive via a scavenger hunt. This art grant will help me but the metal to make a stand alone neck with EL wire and illuminated conduit coming out of it as if it had been broken off, yet still powered."

The Demon Core - Christopher "BBadger" Condrat

"The Demon Core is a a ~5ft-diameter copper-wire sphere (technically a rhombicosidodecahedron) with a smaller metal sphere inside (~16" diameter), raised above the ground (2.5ft) by legs attached to the inner sphere. The sculpture shape is similar to a plasma globe. The surface of the Demon Core is covered in LED strips arranged in organic patterns. The LED strips are custom animated with colorful, flowing animations that shift over time. The sphere has an interactive element in the form of a microphone, which affects the animations. The sound source can be from humans or music depending on the location of the sculpture. It has a nice visual effect in the presence of music. This sculpture was brought to Burning Man 2016 and was set up in front of our camp. The LED strips in that configuration were draped from the center. It was the first time the sculpture was in full form, so the arrangement of lights was not pre-planned. This version will have the LED strips on the exterior in a more organized and deliberate pattern. The name "Demon Core" is inspired by a plutonium sphere (core) at Los Alamos Laboratories involved in a number of accidents causing it to go super-critical multiple times, causing the deaths of some of the handlers. Afterwards the sphere was dubbed the "demon core". The overall appearance is that of a wired up, maybe nuclear device, producing strange but flowing light."

Grant proceeds help with: "Most of the project is already working and built. The added materials are for: 1) Making the sculpture freestanding. The sculpture was originally designed to have its legs anchored to ground by wires drilled into the ground. This works great outdoors, but doesn't work in a place with a solid floor. The upgrades will allow the sculpture to be anchored to the floor by adding weights and connectors to keep the legs spread out. 2) Replacing some non-working LED strips, and some wire."

Major Tom Rolling Drum Sculpture - Love Bomb Go Go

"LoveBomb Go-Go Marching Band was conceived at Burning Man in 2010, we launched it late the next year. LBGG has played for decompression events, numerous burner parties, EDM festivals organized with the Burning Man esthetic, and in an official capacity for the Burning Man organization in 2014. LBGG is pleased to appear at the upcoming Portland Decompression. LBGG has a rolling drum sculpture called Major Tom; it is approximately 9' x 9' and features 13 toms of various sizes plus other percussion. This art piece was conceived by Mars and executed by artist Richard Cawley; it has been in a number of parades and was used at BM 2014."

Grant proceeds help with: "Major Tom could use several new wheels/tires, some replacement drum heads, and a bit of frame welding repair."

You can learn more about this and past Art Grants offered by SOAK, LLC at www.burningmanportland.com.

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