When art is your tour guide Psychogeography: Following Art


  • sīkōjēˈäɡrəfē/
  • noun
  • the study of the influence of geographical environment on the mind or on behavior.
  • the geographical environment of a particular location, typically a city, considered with regard to its influence on the mind or on behavior.

When choosing a theme for this project, I thought about the role the environment plays in so many novels. Typically, the characters are connected to the environment, and they are drawn to elements within it. This led me to contemplate what things in Gainesville I am drawn to. One of the things that came to mind is art. No matter where I am, when I see art, I feel happy. And I want to see more art. Downtown Gainesville is filled with art, from the storefronts to the graffiti to the murals. When I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art this past winter, I went from one piece of art to the next. What if I did the same thing here?

I walked from one piece of art (loose definition) to the next. Each time I saw a new piece of art, I walked towards it, until I ran out of new art to see.

Created By
Elise Engle

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