Let's Get Active With Physical Education

long days studying are almost never fun. There are ways the Prince Georges county board of education can help prevent excessive stress in their students caused by school.
School is a master at putting stress into the lives of students. Many students do not make the time to go outside and be active.
Physical education is a simple fix to that problem, but students in Prince Georges county are only required to take one semester throughout their whole high school experience.

Running is just one of the many activities in P.E. classes that many students enjoy. Running has also been proven to be a stress reliever for students.

Basketball is another common P.E. activity that is fun for students. Through P.E., students can have a fun class that does not add to their stress level, but help decrease it. Prince Georges county should increase the amount of P.E. classes their high schoolers need to graduate.

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Caroline Ahalt


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