The Baseball Paradise The baseball player's best friend

The Baseball Paradise HappyLife Home is the best friend of every baseball player, but why? Read further on and you'll now it!

The house comes with a batting cage. That way, you're alway's going to be able to practice your batting skills even when you do not feel like leaving your house.

Your own team to prepare your field

Your choice of teammates

Your chance to hit a homerun!

This house also come with a field. You heard it, a baseball field just for you! Let's say you have a party going on, and you want to play a baseball game? With the Baseball Paradise HappyLife home, you'll always be able to play!

The house is not just for baseball player. You could be a softball player and enjoy this house too.

In the house, the kitchen is automated. It cooks to you all the food you want or need. If you are on a diet, set the kitchen on diet mode and all it's going to cook to you will be healthy food.

The house comes with a private gym just for you! Also automated, you can choose your training so it will suit your needs. No need to hire a professional coach anymore when you have a private gym!

This house also comes with a closet that contains a lifetime supply of white pants because everyone knows how much work it is to clean those stained pants!

So, did you learn why the Baseball Paradise HappyLife home is every baseball player's best friend? No? Let me sum it up for you!

1. No more calling to book a batting cage when you are in a hurry to hit those balls.

2. No need to go to the restaurant if you don't want to cook! Just ask your kitchen whatever you want and it's going to make it to you!

3. It can even replace people because, let's face it, nobody needs a coach when you can have robots to do the same job for a much lower cost?

See? That's only a few of the many great things about the Baseball Paradise HappyLife home. Will you buy one?


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