In a classroom setting, there will never be a perfect class; but in GA, the section Canisius comes close. What separates Canisius from the rest of the sections in Ateneo Senior High School is the diverse people that unites the class. One example of this is Suzanne Himor. The CaviteƱa has set a new record in the UAAP 200m butterfly. That achievement is good proof that the admission of girls in the Ateneo Senior High School might just be a good idea contrary to belief.


Last January 27, 2017, at room 119 of the Ateneo de Manila Senior High School building, Friolan Alcantara Bomaras won the bible quiz, a contest within the Ateneo Senior High School meant to test each class' representative on their knowledge of the bible and its content. According to Froilan, his joining the Bible Quiz Bee was a personal pursuit, for he has always been interested in religious studies. representing the class of 11-Canisius, Froilan, with a total of 740 points, was the overall champion of the Ateneo Senior High School.


Not one, but two different students from Canisius have represented the school in different events to dance, and are part of Ateneo's resident dance crew, InDAK.

Emmanuel Javier S. Mariazeta

He has competed in the MYX Moves Streetdance Competition that was held on the 23rd of October, in the year 2016, at the SM North Edsa Skydome. The competition included high schools from all across the country. They gave their all in this, because it was possible the last competition that InDAK would take part in, because their long time coach, Xernan Alfonso, had his contract terminated with the school.

Antonio Leon B. Martinez

He was included in the dance crew of the batch of 2018, called Primus, that competed in Assumption College, for their school fair. Ascend, the talent show that they competed in, happened on November 25, 2016. The young men in Primus were set to become the future leaders of the InDAK, so this mini-competition was a testament to their abilities as dancers and as leaders.


11-CANISIUS 2016-17'

By the JAWS of Canisius

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