Churches of Central North Dakota

Mennonite Brethren Church

McHenry County - Kief, ND

The church building was erected in 1911 and by 1953 there were only 35 memberships. A few short years later, the church closed its doors in the 1960s. In 2008 the mayor of Kief bought the church to hopefully restore it one day.

Seventh-Day Adventist Church

McHenry County - Kief, ND

The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is one of three churches in the small town of Kief. Along the same road as the Mennonite church, this church has now become one with nature and is becoming overgrown with trees since its closure.

West Scandia Lutheran Church

Sheridan County - (Southwest) Skogmo, ND

Sitting on top of a hill, near the old town of Skogmo, this church has been a forgotten beauty to most people in Sheridan County. Even after its closing, the cemetery is still in use and is located 2 miles straight east of the church.

Balfour Catholic Church

McHenry County - (HWY 52) Balfour, ND

Before, this church was originally located in Verendrye, North Dakota. It was moved to its current location along Highway 52 in Balfour where it sits vacant, with an exception of a friendly visitor (seen above, right).

Balfour Lutheran Church

McHenry County - Balfour, ND

The Balfour Lutheran Church was erected in 1906. With its recent closing, sources say 2014-2015, it is well kept and located near the old school in town.

Church of God

Sheridan County - Goodrich, ND

This church, located on the corner next to the water tower, still stands tall in the small town of Goodrich. With its unique shaped steeple and windows, it brings beauty to the small town of under 100 people.

Nazarene Church

Sheridan County - Denhoff, ND

Built in 1907 by Methodists, this is the one and only church in Denhoff. For 8 short years the church became a community church in 1928 with only 14 members.

Bethel Lutheran Church

Wells County - (Southwest) Heimdal, ND

The Bethel Lutheran Church was built in 1915 and had nearly 250 members throughout the 1940s. It finally closed its doors in August of 1994.

Concordia Lutheran Church

Wells County - Hamberg, ND

Erected in 1925, this church now sits empty in the small town of Hamberg, on what once was main street, with a total population of about 20 people.

Kassel Reformed Church

Sheridan County - (North) Lincoln Valley, ND

After the steeple fell off a couple of years ago due to wind, ( top photo, seen right) the church has since then had its windows replaced along with a tinned roof to keep it in good condition.

Rosenfeld Baptist Church

Sheridan County - (South) Drake, ND

The Rosenfeld Baptist Church, was built in 1903 and held services until its closing in 1978. It is now up kept by Herb Blumhagen and Vernon Kolschefski.

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