Types Of Power By: Dhara patel

Reward Power : Rewarding someone for executing tasks they are asked to do. Pros- the job is completed and there is a goal to reach that provides motivation to complete the task Cons- People could get used to getting rewarded for something they do and could be upset when they are not rewarded.

Referent Power- To do something because you want to be like the person telling you to do it. Pros- You could be looking up to a good person who has good character traits that you also want to have. Cons-You could be looking up to the wrong role model who is rubbing of on you in a negative way.

Legitimate Power: Gives the leader power because of his position Pros:The leader could be a good leader that earned their position and could help those who are following him/her. Cons: The leader could be a bad leader, but be looked up to just if they have a good leadership position.

Information Power: Power because of access to valuable information Pros:People could get valuable information that could help them Cons:the leader could take advantage of having the power and reveal information that should remain classified.

Expert Power:power based on someones expertise in a specific area. Pros: Information could be better understood because of facts backed up with evidence from and expert. Cons: People could trust the leader for their information, but the leader could communicate the wrong information

Connection Power: Based on a leaders connection with important people Pros: The people with connections could be good leaders that could have otherwise not been discovered. Cons: The leader could be undeserving of the power and only have it because of who they know.

Coercive Power: A leaders ability to evoke fear in people and get power from it. Pros: The people would get what the leader wants them to get done. Cons: The leader could be wrongly doing the people, but they have no choice but to follow because they are scared.


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