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Dear Parent,

A warm welcome to Prep IV. I look forward to getting to know all of you over the next year and know that your child will be happy under my care. I hope the following information is of use.

FORM TEACHER: As form teacher I will be the first person your child – or you as a parent/guardian should come if there are any problems. Every child is different. I will try and encourage your children to use their talents to the full and help them with their individual needs.

Classroom Rules

 Do not tease, name call, or bully another child. Tell someone if you are being teased or left out of the group.

 Telling does not include telling tales to deliberately get someone else into trouble so that you can gloat!

 Put Your hand up if you want to speak

 Listen to the teacher and listen when your friends are talking. Interrupting is rude.

 Try your hardest.

UNHAPPY CHILDREN: I do not have unhappy children in my class. I will not tolerate any act, which makes another child unhappy. I consider verbal bullying to be as serious as physical bullying. I do ask the children to let me know at once if they are unhappy so that the problem can be dealt with before it festers. This is not the same as telling tales to get other children into trouble. I do also ask parents to let me know at once if your child is unhappy. I promise you that I will deal immediately with the problem.

ABSENCE: Please ‘phone or e-mail the school to let me know why your child is absent. If you child comes in late then please let Ms Taylor know so that she can amend the register.

HOME READING: It is vital that children are given the opportunity to read. If your child is a fair only reader they should read at least a page aloud to you every night. Your child should comprehend what they are reading, which will result in their reading being full of expression. Please record the page in your child’s reading record book. They should be encouraged to read themselves - in bed before sleep is the best time. Children do not need to note the pages that they read themselves but should use the reading diary as a bookmark.

FINALLY: Do let me know at once if you are unhappy with any aspect of your child’s life at the school. I do drive the bus and so alas it may not always be possible to have a long discussion in the morning or evening but I am quite happy to phone you during the day.

What is happening this week /Class Projects

10th October-School Photographer is in so smart dress please. Cross country Par track. First race 12:30pm. Your child has a letter. Parents' Evening starts 4:20.

11th October Blowing Bubbles-Please provide your child with a bubble loop. Your child has a letter.

Class Project: The children are all working on their theme-Time Travelers in computer lessons. I was going to give your children famous scientists to research but they all decided that they wanted to do their projects about their own relatives...this really touched me...of course their own family is more important Please do help your child put their project together. They are writing it in Scratch. Your child has a use name roselyon1 to roselyon1 is Isla, roselyon2 is Dylan, roselyon3 is Amelia, roselyon4 is Isabella, roselyon5 is Sophia, roselyon6 is Evie. The password for all children is roselyon. I am expecting the children to add to their projects at home. Do go on my Roselyon Computing site for examples of what can be done in Scratch.

Links to the History, Science and Computing syllabus can be found on the Science, History and Computing site. www.roselyon.org.uk/page7.html


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